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AL!VE Professional Standards

AL!VE, in collaboration with the CCVA, has created a set of professional standards for volunteer managers. For a copy of these standards,
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Thank you for everyone who stopped by and said HI during NCVS.
 We will be in Houston for NCVS October 19-20-21.  There will be a reception for AL!VE members and guests.  Watch this space for more details!

Our next newsletter is coming soon!  

We have a special announcement for our members!
The new Volunteering and Service Report was released
January 26, 2015.  
More details at their website.
Our Annual Meeting was held December 12, 2015.
You can download the presentation here.


This guest blog post is by William Henry of CIMA Volunteers Insurance (an official AL!VE partner.) At the end of the post, William invites comments on our own experiences that are similar (but probably not as expensive!) as the one the French railway system is dealing with now...or what we do in our own organizations to prevent mistakes like this. Jump in!There's a new item in my "What could possibly go wrong?" risk management scrapbook. Officials of France's state-run railway system have admitted that new trains purchased for 3 billion Euro (nearly $4.1 billion) are too wide for 1,300 of the country's 8.700 station platforms.