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AL!VE Professional Standards

AL!VE, in collaboration with the CCVA, has created a set of professional standards for volunteer managers. For a copy of these standards,
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National Volunteer Week is April 12 - 16.  See a resource guide from Points of Light here.
Shaping The Future of Your Organization - our sector's first ever hybrid conference!  June 23 or 25, 2015
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The new Volunteering and Service Report was released
January 26, 2015.  
More details at their website.

Has a great listing of websites to list volunteer opportunities.  
See here.

The Accidental Collaborator - Guest blogger Elisa Kosarin, CVA

In my local DOVIA, one of the most common workshop topic requests is "How to get staff on board with volunteer management." It's a complex subject, most likely because staff engagement brings us into the murky world of soft interpersonal skills. We anticipate barriers and may feel discouraged about achieving any sort of progress.Sometimes, though, a hard skill exercise goes a long way towards nurturing staff engagement.That was my recent take-away when talking with a volunteer coordinator who participated in my recruitment planning course. As part of the course

Program evaluation process leads to greater bond between volunteer manager and volunteers - Guest blogger Ashley Erb

The Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA) credentialing process discusses the topic of program evaluation at length. I found it to be one of the most thought provoking portions of the process.Inspired by the up-cropping of New Year's resolutions and the promise of improvement in the New Year, in January I set-forth on a mission to meet individually with all of my on-going volunteers and gain insight into the short-comings and success of the volunteer program beyond that which is documented by our standard, circle-the-rating-from-one-to-five, evaluation form. I wanted to just talk with my volunteers -- really

Looking for a magic number - Guest blogger Elisa Kosarin, CVA

Last month, I wrote about volunteer orientations, and about how facilitating orientations is a critical and often overlooked part of the event's success.This month, as I debated moving on to another topic, I realized there is still more to say about orientations and why they are such a valuable practice within volunteer management.That's because your volunteer orientation is the gateway into your organization. It is there to inspire the ones you want to volunteer- and screen out the prospects who are not a great fit.Don't you wonder?