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Great Lakes Regional Roundtable

Southeast Regional Roundtable

Pacific Regional Roundtable

Boomer Volunteers Building Capacity: Creating Positions and Developing

Mountain Region Roundtable

Excellence in Volunteer Management Training Series
07/26/2012- 07/27/2012

AL!VE International Roundtable

ALIVE NCVS Networking & Feedback session

Midwest Regional Roundtable

Volunteer for Sea Turtle Conservation

Summer Streets

South Central Regional Roundtable

Summer Streets

AL!VE Group Member Roundtable August 15 2011

Summer Streets

Boomer Volunteers Building Capacity: Sustaining a Culture of Volunteer

Volunteer for Sea Turtle Conservation

We meet lots of great folks at NCVS

It was nice to meet so many folks at this year's National conference on Volunteering and Service.  You may have stopped by our booth and hopefully someone of from AL!VE had a chance to talk to you.  As the only national membership, support and advocacy organization for those who manage volunteer programs, we want to hear from our members - and all those in the field - on how our organization can support you. 

Special thanks to CCVA and IJOVA that shared the NCVS Booth.  Make sure you check out our memeber discount for our partners.

Would you like to network?

Nice to meet you

What did you bring back? Join us for a NCVS discussion

If you attended this year's National Conference  in Volunteering and Service (NCVS)  in Chicago, join us for a discussion and networking session.  What did you bring back?  Insights? Ideas?  We'll share what we saw and heard and would love to hear from you.

Space is limited, but if this session becomes full we will schedule another session. To sign up, visit our website and click on the link on the home page to sign up.

When:  Friday, August 17, 2012 10 am PST 1 PM EST

Where:  Online or phone, via Go To Meeting


Do you belong to a local professional association?

Do you belong to a local professional society or association for volunteer managers?  AL!VE has a special membership for those groups.  AL!VE Group members enjoy special benefits and quarterly networking calls on topics that specifically relate to groups.

We have also partnered with Energize, Inc. to conduct an extensive survey of all professional societies that support volunteer managers.  For more information about AL!VE Group member benefits, or the survey, see our webpage here.



Invite to Join - Regional Roundtable

The AL!VE Regional Roundtable Program is designed to give AL!VE members networking and educational opportunities within your regions. It is a time for you to share experiences with your fellow AL!VE members.

What Region am I in?


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Did you know? We have an APP!

AL!VE has an APP for iphone, android and ipad.  You can access our calendar, members only features and more!  It is free to download...try it today!

Have a suggestion for our app?  Let us know!

Invite to Join AL!VE (25% discount)

AL!VE offers a professional network for those in the field to share experiences, best practices and knowledge. This fast growing, dynamic organization will use its collective voice to advocate for professionalism in volunteer engagement.

click here for more information about AL!VE

JOIN NOW and use code AL!VE2012 to get your conference discount (good till Aug 31).  This discount also applies to Group membership.                  Membership brochure off line

Want to talk to someone about membership please feel free to email:

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