Fall Issue
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

Newsletter Goals

  • To provide resources to members
  • Show the associations progress
  • Benefit to membership
  • Recruit new members

Welcome New Members

We are delighted to welcome 95 members since June.  Click "read more" for a complete list or go to the Members Area  and run a report from the Quick Reports to see who you know.  Reach out and connect with each other.

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Upcoming Board Meetings

LouAnne Smith, CAVS

AL!VE members are always invited to participate in meetings of the AL!VE Board of Directors. We will soon be implementing technology that will allow you to join those meetings, by computer or telephone. Watch for more information on our website. Meetings are scheduled for September 24th, October 22nd and November 19th. Meeting time is 11:30 a.m. (central standard time) and they are one hour in length.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback on our website. Please email us at president@volunteeralive.com 

AL!VE Announces Collaborative Efforts

Gretchen Jordan, CVA

AL!VE is pleased to announce two new partnership agreements with CCVA and Energize, Inc. who are recognized in the field of Volunteer Resource Management. AL!VE members can take advantage of these special discounts and benefits to the following organizations:


President's Letter

Gretchen Jordan, CVA


It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to AL!VE. As you know, this organization has grown from an idea from a group of thoughtful, committed folks who were (and are) truly passionate about the profession of volunteer resource management. I am so thankful to them all for their ideas, energy, passion, and tenacity.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the board of directors and have the privilege of working with such a great group. Our current board has worked very well together, and despite meeting face to face only twice in the past ten months, I feel the board has been able to move forward with thoughtful discussion and a strong sense of our vision and mission at heart.



An Inaugural Year for AL!VE

Joanna Johnson, CVA

Our nation celebrated the inauguration of its’ 44th President just as our association celebrated an exciting year of inaugural activities…the first elected board of directors, our first presence at a national conference, the first opportunity to become a member, and the first newsletter!


Advocacy Corner

Shirley Conger


Welcome to the first AL!VE Advocacy update. This will be a regular feature of the newsletter. Whatever appears in this space will be designed to address the two levels of advocacy that we see as benefits to our membership.

For purposes of understanding, the leadership of AL!VE uses this definition:

Advocacy is the act of serving as the voice for the cause:

  • Of supporting another person or group,
  • Of supporting another to support themselves

Of protecting and advancing the legal and professional rightsof people who manage volunteers.

We have defined levels of advocacy as internal and external. Internal advocacy will center on facts, issues, and techniques that you can use to advocate for yourself and your profession.


“Dear Needa”

What is Cities of Service?


AL!VE Behind the Scenes!

Robin Popik

AL!VE’s Board and Committee members have been working diligently to set up committees, develop policies, create marketing tools, identify membership benefits and research both advocacy issues and legal issues for an active, strong and functional organization.

AL!VE has five standing committees  identified in our Bylaws. In addition there are four work groups within the Human Resources and Membership Committees and three work groups that report directly to the board. Each is actively working to fill its committee’s objective:


Financially Speaking

Trudy Hamilton, CVA

Greetings, AL!VE Membership!

For this newsletter, I’d like to provide some information about how AL!VE is currently funded. 

AL!VE received a grant from the Volunter Impact Fund to be used as start-up funding. This funding has allowed AL!VE to seat the Founding Board at a facilitated retreat in Denver last February. This funding has provided the cash needed to have a presence at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in San Francisco, which included renting the booth, purchasing all the supplies, working with consultants to design the printed materials, and provide staffing for the event.



Newsletter - Fall Issue