Winter 2013
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Gretchen Jordan

Last year, we partnered with Energize Inc to update the national online directory of local volunteer manager professional organization, society, or networks and many of the members completed a survey about their organization.  The results will be published soon and shared on our website.

Are you looking for a way to build your local membership?  Present information in a new way?  Engage others in your networks that may not come to a meeting in person?  As part of your AL!VE Group Membership, you are entitled to one webinar hosted by AL!VE.  You create the presentation and provide the speaker:  we provide the technology for you to reach a wider audience.  You may charge for this webinar, or use it to build your membership. 

For more information, see the Group Member benefit page

Social Media Connections

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Training Opportunities

"Call to action":  Let us know of any Training Opportunities to share with AL!VE members.  

The AL!VE calendar of events is populated by the membership and the board. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your event by submitting your calendar event to be post on the AL!VE calendar.

Calendar Events

Message from VP PROGRAMS

Emilie Bromet-Bauer

Programs is the group of committees and AL!VE members whose goal it is to ensure that the work we do on behalf of our members and the services and activities we provide our members meets their needs. The AL!VE mission identifies three areas of support, characteristic of most professional associations: networking, professional development, and advocacy. The objectives of all Program efforts are meant to provide opportunities to members in these three areas.

Regional Roundtables provide members in different regions the chance to network and discuss issues in volunteer management from perspectives unique to their locale. Group Roundtables provide associations of volunteer leaders at all levels, like DOVIA’s, the opportunity to share best practices about leading these groups.

The Advocacy and Leadership Committee (ALC) looks at ways to advocate for the profession, within our profession and also with leaders outside of our profession. The ALC also provides members with opportunities for professional development in leadership and advocacy, through webinars and workshops at conferences, like NCVS.

Programs is all about AL!VE members. We strive to do what you want us to do as a professional association. We encourage feedback about your needs, wants, and interests. And the best way to give feedback and to reap benefits of being an AL!VE member is to get involved. Attend the roundtables and webinars; join a committee.

Please, volunteer.

AL!VE President's Corner

Kathy Cahill

It’s been five years since I received an email like many of my fellow professionals about a nationwide search for founding board members for a new professional volunteer management association called AL!VE.  It seemed exciting that the association was being created, and I hoped that I could somehow get involved. 

When I received my invitation, to attend a retreat to accept a position, to represent the Southeast region and serve on the AL!VE board, I was so excited! To sit at the table other professionals from the nation who --  like me -- coordinate and manage volunteer programs was a huge honor.  Since that retreat back in 2009, I have been an engaged board member serving in many capacities and now serving as your president. 
This designation I do not take lightly.  My role in this incredible organization is just as important as your role as a member.  We are all here to engage and support each other and our profession.  I would like to challenge you as a member to get connected to AL!VE.  This can be done in many different ways from joining in the conversations on Linked In or attending a regional roundtable

The AL!VE board is healthy and full of remarkable leaders from all over the map and the field.   Team members worked very hard and have pulled together a work plan that will guide this year’s work forward as we continue to build a sustainable association.  Contact me at if you are interested in seeing this year’s work and how you can get involved.  All our board meetings are online and open to all board members.  Please check the Calendar of Events for information.  Let me know if you plan on joining us so I can get you the agenda.

AL!VE will be attending, presenting, exhibiting and networking at the year’s National Conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington, D.C., June 19-22.  Make sure to stick around for the June 21-23 for the Summit on Advanced Volunteer Engagement (SAVE) as we discuss Fearless Leadership.  We hope to see you there.

There will always be challenges to face and battles to win as an association as important as AL!VE continues to build.  We look forward to continuing to lay the foundation for future leaders who will follow our footsteps. 

Thank you for letting me serve as your president.
Kathy Cahill

POL Change Notes: The Presidential Citizens Medal goes to...

Michelle Nunn CEO, Points of Light

Points of Light: Change Notes (18FEB2013)

The Presidential Citizens Medal goes to one of my heroes


I'm happy to join a chorus of celebrants in paying tribute to our nation's most passionate advocate for national and community service and one of my heroes, Harris Wofford.

Last week President Obama gave Harris and 17 others the Citizens Medal, the highest honor a civilian can receive. As the President explained, the medal honors "the courageous heart, the selfless spirit, the inspiring actions of extraordinary Americans."

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AL!VE Partner Connection

Reed Dewey; AL!VE Partner & Board Member

Ramp Up Your Pro-bono Volunteer Machine

Pro-bono volunteering has certainly grown in popularity over the years.  As you look to the future, are there new ways your agency can expand its use of pro-bono volunteers?   Get individuals and businesses more involved with your agency's important work while saving money and building stakeholder involvement.  AL!VE thanks Reed Dewey of Volunteer Frontier for providing these tips and useful resources below.


Thank you Mr Reed Dewey, our partner from Volunteer Frontier, for submitting this month's AL!VE Partner Connection.

Reed Dewey - Read Morele
STAY TUNED for our next AL!VE issue, where we highlight another AL!VE Partner:

Email to be highlighted in future editions.

“What could possibly go wrong?”

William R. Henry, Jr. Exec.Dir. Volunteers Insurance

“What could possibly go wrong?” – How to build a risk management system for volunteer engagement

Part 1 – Risk management of the volunteer position

Sometimes volunteers are injured, injure someone else or damage someone’s property during their volunteer work. There are many good reasons to take the time and effort needed to develop a formal system for managing the risks involved in volunteer engagement. Besides preventing injuries or other kinds of damage, a risk management program, or system, has other benefits. An injury or an allegation of liability can be a distraction, and damage the organization’s reputation, damage staff and volunteer morale, and increase your insurance costs. So by preventing losses, a risk management system can prevent these other consequences, too. A good risk management system can do something else for you, too. It can help attract the kind of people who can bring success to the mission.

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Gretchen Jordan

If you are an AL!VE Group member (a local professional organization, society, or network) the first of our four quarterly networking calls will be on Wednesday, March 20 at 10 am Pacific - 1 pm Eastern.  This topic will be about Peer Recognition - does your group do local volunteer management awards?  What are some challenges and successes?  Who else does recognition in your field on a local level?  We'll have some examples of work plans, award types, scoring sheets, etc.  Attendees are encouraged to 'bring' your own electronically (we can view them via our online meeting platform). 

Watch your email and for your invitation and how to register for the call.  Every group has an email associated with it, so be sure yours is updated.  For questions and help, contact

The other quarterly networking calls for this year are as follows:  June 19 - Building Community Partners, September 18, low-cost or no-cost resources for your group, December 18, Professional development topics.
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