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Meet an AL!VE Member!

Elisa Kosarin
Twenty Hats – skills for volunteer management professionals
Falls Church, VA
What do you hope to gain from your AL!VE memebership?
I started Twenty Hats to help volunteer management professionals advance in their careers by 
really mastering the skills they need – I know that’s what AL!VE is here for, too.  AL!VE has so 
many great resources to access that you can’t find anywhere else.

Contact Elisa or signup for more info at 

Regional Roundtables April 24!

What is a regional roundtable?

Networking with your peers, in your area!   See the calendar dates & times to sign up, or join us that day! Currently we have regional roundtables in the Pacific and Eastern zones.  To register, visit our calendar and go to April 24 to see exact times and log in information.

Regional roundtables are a great way to ask questions, debrief, discuss, brainstorm, celebrate, inform, or share challenges with your peers.  Here are the highlights.  Each Regional Roundtable will be a little different because they are member led and focused on topics YOU bring up!
  •     A one-hour discussion with your peers in your region, moderated by one of our Board Members
  •     Topics focus on what might be happening in your area (weather?   economic     trends?)
  •     Network with your peers
  •     Find out about regional events, trainings, or conferences in your area
  •     Have a question or concern?  Bring it here to discuss with your peers
  •     Make connections with others in your area
  •     Learn more about AL!VE benefits and membership
What are our Regions?
Atlantic – ME, VT, NH, NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, WV, DE, VA 
GL – WI, IL, MI, IN, OH 
Midwest – NE, KA, IA, MO 
Mountain – NV, UT, AZ, CO, NM 
Pacific – AL, HI, OR, WA, CA, SC, OK, AR, TX - 
South East – KY, NC,
South Central- TN, GA, AL, MS, LA, FL 
Upper West – ID, MT, WY, ND, SD

Sign up here, or visit our calendar to see more.

AL!VE Member Discount Spotlight

Receive 15% off  your CVA Professional Certification as an AL!VE member!

If you are applying for this year's cycle to earn your CVA (Certified Volunteer Administrator) Certification, don't forget you can receive a 15% discount on the fee.

Renewing your CVA?  You can also apply the discount to your renewal fee.  Check out the CCVA website for more information.

Volunteer Recognition: Last Minute Ways to Show Your Volunteers You Care - April is Volunteer Appreciation Month.

Kathy Cahill, CPRP

April is National Volunteer Recognition Month.  It was created by the Points of LIght Foundation in 1974!  

We know how important recognition is for volunteers.  Everyone likes to be appreciated and thanked.  Fortunately for us, there are plenty of ways to do that.  Luncheons, certificates, awards and prizes are just a few.  We are only limited by our imaginations, time, and budget!

Sometime you might like to recognize someone at the last minute - here are some tips that I use -
1.  I always have stuff in a bin that I collect from various exhibit shows and such that I can alway grab something from there for a quick appreciation sentiment.
2. I have a container of al kinds of gift cards for any occasion that I can pop on the mail.
3. I like making post cards with photos either I have taken or another volunteer donated to us.
4.  I like to recognize volunteers in newsletters and social media.
5.  During my events my volunteers can bring a guest. I always thank the guest for sharing them with us, especially if it is a family member.


AL!VE Group Member Roundtables are back!

Gretchen Jordan, CVA

AL!VE Group member roundtables are specifically for our group members - those local professional volunteer manager associations, DOVIAS, AVAS, societies, etc.  These roundtables include discussion on a particular topic that is unique to leading a local group.

In 2014, Group members attending the roundtables selcted the topics for this year.  They are:


Just how important is volunteer recognition? Does it really help retain volunteers?

Gretchen Jordan, CVA

When working with volunteers, a key part to any successful program involves recognition.  Recognition that's appropriate and meaningful for your volunteers that also is a fit for your agency's resources is always a challenge.  A 2013 study on volunteer recognition shows some data and many affirmations of how important recognition can be.  Is there more research and data out there? 

There HAS been research on employee recognition; see this blog post that shows 25 great statistics on employee recogntion. In looking through the research, it seems you could substitute the word 'volunteer' for 'employee' in almost every case.  This is interesting data that may help you make a case for recognition in the future.

Do you have research data on volunteer recognition?  Share your info with us via email. We can collate this information and post on our resources page. 

Registration Now Open For Our Sector's First Ever Hybrid Conference! 

Seven remote hosts from Idaho to Florida have already reserved their spot to learn, connect, and network with peers across the nation.  Learn more about how your local group can become a remote host - see our website for details.

Thank you to all our AL!VE Volunteers!

This month we recognize:

Paula Pratt              Brian Probst                 Kathy Cahill 
Harvesters              Peninsula                   Lee County
                              Human Society
Parks & Rec 
Kansas City MO    Burlingame, CA             Fort Meyers, FL

How much are your volunteers worth?

Independent Sector

Every year, the Independent Sector provides research and information about the hourly value of volutneers.  There is a national average (currently $22.55 for 2013), but you can also find out your states' specific rate, including a rate for certain professional roles.  This is very helpful if you are figuring the monetary value of volunteer services.  There are many ways to show the value of volunteer service, including impact to the clients, community, and to the volunteer.  Better Impact has a great model about the return on investment (ROI) for volunteers here. 

Below is the table from the Independent Sector website.  See the full data and information here.


AL!VE Professional Development Webinar - April 22, 2015

Nikki Russell CVA

This will be a fee-based webinar with discounts available to AL!VE members. Sign up begins April 3, 2015.

What’s It Take?  Acknowledging and Celebrating Our Professional Competencies!
Volunteers are a unique and strategic resource for furthering our organization’s mission and vision.    Volunteer Administration is the practice of mobilizing, leading and supporting volunteer activity.  As skilled and competent volunteer administrators, it is up to us to ensure that volunteers achieve mission focused results and that the spirit of volunteering is sustained in our organizations. 

Newsletter - AL!VE March 2015 Newsletter