AL!VE May 2015 Newsletter
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

AL!VE Member Survey Results!

Meet an AL!VE Member!

Stacy Groff

I joined ALIVE mostly to host the virtual conference here-  I've heard many of the presenters previously and they are great!  My organization (Tidewell) has over 1000 volunteers (ongoing, not episodic) and I am proud to have been a part of our program for more than ten years!
 Feel free to contact me at or 941-552-5945

Stacy Groff -- Tidewell Hospice--Sarasota, FL-- South Central

Grow & Save as an AL!VE Member

Professional Development webinar!
Members receive $15 off the May 28th webinar! Just for AL!VE members only $20! 

Group Member Roundtable July 1st!


The roundtable for Group members for July  1  at 2:30 Eastern, 11:30 Pacific will be about 
'Advocacy for your DOVIA'.  This roundtable will be facilitated by the leadership team from the Southwest Idaho Directors of Volunteer Services.  AL!VE Group members are invited to be part of the discussion, ask questions and share challenges and ideas.  

Sign up for this webinar from our calendar. For more information about SWIDOVS,  visit 

Registration Now Open For Our Sector's First Ever Hybrid Conference!


Ten remote hosts from Idaho to Florida have already reserved their spot to learn, connect, and network with peers across the nation.  Learn more about how your local group can become a remote host - see our website for details.

Thank you to all our AL!VE Volunteers!

This month we recognize:

Nikki Russell: United Good Neighbors of Jefferson County, Port Townsend, WA - Pacific Region 

Jason Frenzel: Huron River Watershed Council- Ann Arbor, MI - Midwest Region

Sarah Christian, Denver, CO


Thank you To our Volunteers

Summer planning or summer downtime?

Gretchen Jordan

Is your volunteer program busier in the summer months or slower?  This season can bring challenges or a much needed break to re-group and plan.  The planning usually starts many months before, using lessons learned from past seasons.  While each program is different, here are some tips that may be helpful:
1.  Keep a file of ideas or projects to work on during down times.  How about a suggestion box? 
2.  Do all staff and volunteers know when your program is at its peak and subsequent planning timelines?  Keep that information handy for reference!  Volunteers are busy people and helps prevent the dreaded ‘That was TODAY?’ 
3.  Is there an opportunity for feedback after a large or seasonal event?  Responses and input may help you see a different perspective to better plan. 
4.  Consider taking the time for some professional development – there are many opportunities out there (hint:  check the AL!VE Calendar)!

Peer Mentor Directory!

These AL!VE members have identified themselves in our peer mentor directory as willing to share their experience, mentor, coach, or offer training in the areas of organizational management or strategic planning.   If you have questions or would like to chat, feel free to contact them!

Wanda Bailey,  California  

Brian Probst, CVA, California

Shannon Dietz, Louisiana 

Kala Karden, New York  

Bob Reeg, Washington DC

You can search for all kinds of skills that other members are willing to share their expertise on – go to the members only page on the AL!VE website and click on the ‘Peer Mentor Directory’.  Have you updated your profile?  You can share what you know too!


Regional Round Tables May 16th

Networking with your peers, in your area!   See the calendar dates & times to sign up, or join us that day! Currently we have regional roundtables in the Pacific and Eastern zones.  To register, click on the Regional Round Table event in the events calendar in this newsletter. 

Regional roundtables are a great way to ask questions, debrief, discuss, brainstorm, celebrate, inform, or share challenges with your peers.  Here are the highlights.  Each Regional Roundtable will be a little different because they are member led and focused on topics YOU bring up!
    A one-hour discussion with your peers in your region, moderated by one of our Board Members
    Topics focus on what might be happening in your area (weather?   economic     trends?)
    Network with your peers
    Find out about regional events, trainings, or conferences in your area
    Have a question or concern?  Bring it here to discuss with your peers
    Make connections with others in your area
    Learn more about AL!VE benefits and membership
What are our Regions?

What Are Our Regions?

Behind the Scenes of AL!VE: Take a Bow

Beth Whitmire

2015 Volunteer Appreciation Week has now come to a close.  Whether you hosted a luncheon, presented a gift, or simply wrote a thank you note.  Whether you celebrated every day or one specific day your efforts helped to acknowledge and appreciate your volunteers for all their dedication and hard work. 
Now it’s your turn to take a well-deserved bow!! As we all know, Volunteer Managers spend a majority of their time recognizing volunteer efforts but it is the leader who often goes unrecognized.
Well, the time has come to recognize our dedicated leaders for their exceptional achievements in the field of Volunteer Management. To that end, AL!VE is in the process of creating the AL!VE National Awards of Distinction to recognize and celebrate members who personify excellence in service through their personal and professional achievements. These individuals bring distinction to AL!VE, contribute to the betterment of society and enhance their communities.   
Possible award categories up for consideration:
  • Director of Volunteer Services
  • Manager of Volunteer Services
  • AL!VE Member of the Year
  • AL!VE Partner of the Year
  • Volunteer Advocate of the Year
  • Young Professional of the Year

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