AL!VE September 2015 Newsletter
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

Member Mixer!

Headed to NCVS this October?  Join us for a MEMBER MIXER at the Okra Charity Saloon the evening of Tuesday, October 20.  AL!VE members are invited exclusively for the first hour.  This unique venue will feature an open bar, appetizers, door prizes, and lots of networking!  Watch for future details soon.

Registration will be required and AL!VE members get first priority to attend.  This event is co sponsored by Better Impact and HAVA.

We look forward to seeing YOU!

AL!VE & Better Impact Hybrid Conference June 2015

Plano, Texas attendees
Hundreds of volunteer managers attended the first every hybrid conference hosted by Better Impact and AL!VE.  Streamed from base locations in Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois, attendees at remote locations were able to hear presentations by international speakers while discussing with their peers at a local level.  Plans are underway for another event in 2016 - we'll be letting you know more via this newsletter, email information, and more!  Thanks to Better Impact for presenting how to be a leader in our organizations!

Professional Development - what has worked for you?

Professional development for our field can take many forms.  If you look at CVA's newprofessional competencies, you can check your skills to see where you might be able to improve.  What has worked for you? Several AL!VE board members gave their input:
Kathy Cahill, Lee County Parks and Recreation:  My Four Rules
I have four rules to maximizing every meeting, conference, 


2015 Membership Survey Final Results

Thank you to all who participated in our survey about AL!VE.  You can view the results on our website at www.   Plans are underway for changes based on this input.  THANK YOU for taking the time to give us input, and watch future newsletters (and your inbox) for more follow up.

September Professional Development Webinar - Taking a Training Road Trip

Tammy Baumann, CVA

Tuesday, September 22 1 pm Eastern, 10 am Pacific via GoToWebinar

Reaching your destination or getting results - that is the goal of every training road trip you take.  However, the saying "it is not just the destination, but the journey that counts" is very much true as well.  How you get there, how you know when you have arrived at your destination, and how to make it meaningful and memorable journey are critical questions and knowing the answers BEFORE the training begins


International Volunteer Managers Day November 5

The theme of IVMDay 2015 is
“VOLUNTEER MANAGERS: The Power Behind Super Hero Volunteers”

How will you be celebrating?  Is your local DOVIA or professional society holding a recognition, luncheon, or connecting with community partners?  How about a Mayor's Governor's proclamation?

Get ideas - or submit your own plans - at the IVMA website.


My Professional Development Journey

Paula Pratt

I came to the volunteer management field through a non-traditional route.  I’d retired from a corporate job after 31 years, in 2001, started volunteering and found that I was so passionate about the mission and the field of volunteer management, that I wanted to start a second career.  There was a lot to learn, obviously!  Here are the top three ways I worked to learn everything I could as quickly as possible: 
·         I learned everything I possibly could about 


Volunteer Manager Awards- Recognizing you!

Beth Whitmire, AL!VE Board President

 The time has come to recognize our dedicated leaders for their exceptional achievements in the field of Volunteer Management. To that end, AL!VE is in the process of creating the AL!VE National Awards of Distinction to recognize and celebrate members who personify excellence in service through their personal and professional achievements. These individuals bring distinction to AL!VE, contribute to the betterment of society and enhance their communities.   
Possible award categories up for consideration:

Director of Volunteer Services
Manager of Volunteer Services
AL!VE Member of the Year
AL!VE Partner of the Year
Volunteer Advocate of the Year
Young Professional of the Year



News From Our Partner CCVA

Announcing a new and improved CVA certification process for 2016
We're pleased to share this important update on changes to the CVA certification process that will roll out in the coming year.
There are five areas of change, which relate to:

Application process

Exam assessment
Portfolio assessment
Fee structure
We've recorded a presentation just for YOU--our most valued constituents--decribing what's to come. 
Please take some time to view the recording (approx. 45-minutes); it can be viewed here.

Receive 15% off  your CVA Professional Certification as an AL!VE member!  Details at
Newsletter - AL!VE September 2015 Newsletter