AL!VE Nov/Dec 2016 Newsletter
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

Overtime Law Blocked

Follow up from our newsletter article in July and October about the new overtime pay rule that was to take effect this December, from  We will be sure and keep you updated via email or the next newsletter.

Read their article here:


2017 Volunteer Management Progress Report RESULTS Coming Soon!

Tobi Johnson & Associates (VolunteerPro) will be unveiling the results in January.  If you participated in the survey, way to go!  Over 1,300 folks responded and you should have received a link to see the 'sneak peek' webinar of the results on January 11.  

If you didn't have a chance to weigh in, visit VolunteerPro's website page about the survey here for updates and when the data will be released.



Free Software?

Free Volunteer Management Software! AL!VE collaborates with Samaritan Technologies and Cabot Cheese
Exclusive AL!VE Member benefit!  If you are an AL!VE individual member and meet the qualifications, your agency can be granted access to Samaritan's #1 Rated Volunteer Management Software from which they can post opportunities to their page on


Have an event you'd like to share?

If you have a local, state, or national event you'd like to publicize, please feel free to add it to our calendar. 

From our home page, click on the calendar and you will see a link to add your own event.

Meetings, trainings, conferences or other pertinent events to Volunteer Managers are welcome.

AL!VE Annual Meeting Highlights

AL!VE President-Elect Jason Frenzel conducted the Annual Meeting on December 7.  Highlights include:

Election results of our new Board Members:
    Gretchen Weaver, Dallas, TX - Habitat for Humanity
    Karmit Bulman, Maplewood, MN - MAVA Executive Director
    Megan Holland, Mahmet, IL - Carle Hospital

Election results of our 2017-2019 Officers:
    Jason Frenzel, CVA President
    Dana Litwin, CVA President-Elect
    Brian Probst, CVA Treasurer
    Jeannie Citerman-Kraeger, CVA Secretary

Highlights of past year accomplishments

Presentation of bylaw changes

2017 goals

If you would like to access the recording of the webinar, log in to the members only side of the website and click on file archive.  

(Forgot your password? That's ok, when you access the log in page you can click there to reset.)


CCVA Names New Executive Director

A big welcome to Amanda Hope, CVA who is the new Executive Director for CCVA.  She has begun to transition with Katie Campbell, CVA who is retiring after many productive and fruitful years supporting and nurturing the profession and elevating our profession's credential.

Amanda will be based out of Pittsburgh, PA and is eager to meet with her fellow CVA's and continue the mission of the CCVA.  Amanda originally


Resolving to tweet more next year? Don't forget to use these hashtags:


AL!VE is planning a webinar next year on how to make social media work for you, more details soon.

Great Infographic: How to Handle Negative Feedback

In your role, you likely get all sorts of feedback, positive and negative.  Both are useful, but human nature shows us that negative can be a little harder to accept.

Venngage has a great blog post in infographic format on 57 ways to handle negative feedback.


Need Images - Check out Pixabay

Thanks to a tweet from Rob Jackson for sharing a great resource of more photos and images to use called Pixabay.  You can also upload yours photos too!


CyberVPM now managed by AL!VE

As of August 1, 2016 CyberVPM is now managed by AL!VE. is a moderated email list-serve discussion group with over 1,000 international members created in April of 2000. Debate the topic of the moment, share resources, get answers to your volunteer management questions and find a community of support for those challenges and triumphs unique


Strategic Planning for next year?

Read this great blog post about strategic planning and tips for success.

A Few Announcements!

  • Save the Date:  October 24-26, 2017 AL!VE is planning to partner again with Better Impact for another Hybrid Conference (you livestream our presenters to your local group)  
  • AL!VE Committee work:  We're expanding our committees.  Watch your inbox and our website for more information!
  • The AL!VE professional development and Group Member Roundtables calendar will be posted soon on our calendar and in the next newsletter.
Newsletter - AL!VE Nov/Dec 2016 Newsletter