AL!VE Newsletter: August 2019
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

We're Now on Instagram!

See more at volunteeralive on insta!  Thanks to
AL!VE Board Member Audrey Kidwell for setting up and managing.  If you'd like to help with instagram or other social media, contact us.

Upcoming AL!VE Academy Webinars

These AL!VE Academy Webinars are FREE for members and $25 for non members.

August 13, 2019, 1PM EST
Busting Myths and Believing Benefits: Strategies to Help Staff Want to Work with Volunteers
Presented by Lisl Hacker, Director of Training and Technical Assistance
Massachusetts Service Alliance

September 18, 2019, 1PM EST
Certificates, Certification, and Credentialing: What does it mean and why does it matter?


Membership Database Update

We're updating our member database to enhance our member networking benefit. When you reregister or access the members only system, you will be prompted to fill out the member skills database.  

As this database grows you can search our membership to connect with a colleague regarding a specific skill - such as board development, social media, or fundraising.

Please take five minutes and update  your skill database.  You can also go in an edit at any time.

Thank you!

AL!VE Member Welcome Webinars

New to AL!VE or just want to check in?  
Find out what's happening or get a quick fix of networking with your peers! New members will get a brief overview of our mission, benefits, activities and committees.  Existing members can get a refresher, check in and ask questions. We'll share upcoming announcements, activities, calendar events and trainings.

Webinars will be approximately 30 minutes with an additional 30 minutes allocated for networking or discussion.  

Register for an upcoming webinar:
Thursday, September 19th, 2019 1 PM EST
Monday, November 4th, 2019 3 PM EST

Partner Corner-Council for Certification on Volunteer Administration

The Council for Certification on Volunteer Administration (CCVA) has been a long time partner with AL!VE.  The Certification of Volunteer Administration is the only international certification for volunteer engagement professionals.

CCVA's Strategic Direction is:
ADVOCATE – Champion the CVA credential, current certificants, and the profession to ensure quality, credibility and sustainability.
UNIFY – Strengthen the field of volunteer engagement by promoting a universal framework for excellence in professional practice.
INSTILL – Inspire and encourage practitioners to apply an ethical lens to their work with volunteers.
REACH – Elevate global professionalism in volunteer administration by sharing the Body of Knowledge and being responsive to emerging interests in certification.
MANAGE – Govern and manage CCVA to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness

You can apply for the certification anytime; there is a testing window twice a year.
Learn more at

CCVA AL!VE members enjoy a 10% discount on the certification fee.

Welcome New Members!

Annette Sutfin
Faiza Venzant,
 YMCA of Greater Toronto
Heather Lother, United Way of the Piedmont
Jennifer Baxla, PAWS
Larkin O'Toole, Peninsula Humane Society
Jiong Zhang, Beijing Loyal Social Work Development Center
Ann Pedtke, Food Bank For New York City
Katrina Bettis, YMCA of Greater Seattle
Joan Cardellino
Amber Cook, My Sister's House, Inc.
Roseann Popa, Eastside Friends of Seniors
Katharine Swilley, Serve Washington
Sharleen Eusebio, San Diego Humane Society
Monica Hoyt, Intermountain Section of American Water Works Association
Adrienne Polumbo, Clarkston Independence District Library
Megan Taylor, City of O'Fallon

AL!VE Celebrates Ten Year Members

Thank you for your support!  

Ten years ago this June, AL!VE began accepting memberships to the Association.  In celebration and thanks to those members who have been members in good standing for ten years, this year's registration is complimentary.  Many have also served in a leadership capacity!  Our grateful thanks to these members for their continued support and contributions to AL!VE.

Emilie Bromet-Bauer
Kathy Cahill
Sarah Christian
Shirley Conger
Gretchen Jordan
Karen McDonald

Paul Belanger
Katie Campbell
Joy Pietschman

Jason Frenzel
Krista Gilmore
Tony Goodrow
Shelly McAlpin

Stacy Luhring

AL!VE Calendar Submissions Welcome

Our website's calendar highlights AL!VE events as well as events from our colleagues and associations in the field.  If you'd like to add a date for an event that is related to volunteer engagement or professional development, provide us the information here. Your event will be reviewed for approval and posted usually within 24 hours.

Calendar of Events

VolunteerPro: [Masterclass] Getting Buy-In: How to Get Support from Leaders & Co-workers for Your Volunteer Initiatives

VolunteerMatch: Measuring Success: How to Strategically Assess Your Program

Social Media + Volunteer Engagement with Erin Barnhart, Ph.D.

VolunteerMatch: Engaging the Volunteer of the Future

AL!VE Academy: Busting Myths and Believing Benefits: Strategies to Help Staff Want to Work with Volunteers

Free [Masterclass] Beyond Satisfaction: How to Use Volunteer Surveys for Reliable Benchmarking

VolunteerMatch: Managing an Aging Volunteer Corps

VolunteerMatch: Social Media and Volunteer Engagement

VolunteerPro: Strategic Planning for Volunteer Programs: How to Build Your Operations Plan

Informational Webinar: The Future is Now: Tech Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Informational Webinar: The Future is Now: Tech Trends for 2020 and Beyond

VolunteerMatch: Single Days of Service: Make 'em Work!

VolunteerPro: How to Design a Super Sticky Skills-Based Volunteer Training Program

Essentials of Volunteer Management
09/11/2019- 09/18/2019

VolunteerMatch: Build Staff Buy-In for Volunteer Engagement

VolunteerMatch: Successful Volunteer Engagement Strategies

AL!VE Academy: Certificates, Certification, and Credentialing: What does it mean and why does it matter?

AL!VE Member Welcome Webinar

VolunteerPro: [Masterclass] Developing and Supporting Volunteer Leaders for High Stakes Tasks

VolunteerMatch: Walking the Walk: Engage Volunteers in your Volunteer Engagement Program

VolunteerMatch: Successfully Implementing Volunteer Program Changes

Informational Webinar: The Future is Now: Tech Trends for 2020 and Beyond

VolunteerMatch: Creating a Culture of Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer Administrators Network Northwest Annual Conference

IJOVA Submissions Deadline for third issue of 2019

Question? Contact Us!

We are here for you!  If you have a question, recommendation or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us at  Or visit our website at

Notice of Annual Meeting

AL!VE will hold its annual meeting on Wednesday, November 20 at 2 pm Eastern time.


Results of Board Elections
Introductions of 2020 Officers
President's Report
Treasurer's Report
VP of Marketing Report
VP of Membership Report
VP of Programs & Advocacy Report
Association Manager Report
President Elect - 2020 Goals and Objectives
New Business

The Annual meeting is open to AL!VE members with a full membership.

Register for the Annual Meeting here.

AL!VE Board of Director Applications Accepted Late August

In late August 2019, AL!VE will begin accepting nominations for the 2020-2023 class of the Board of Directors.  

There will be five board positions open. Persons interested in serving on the AL!VE Board of Directors should be able to provide 5-10 hours per month devoted to Association activities, committee work, or projects.

When recruitment opens, members will be notified via email, or watch our home page for more details. Nominations will be accepted until mid October.  Elections will be held for three weeks prior to the annual meeting.

If you should have any questions, please contact Megan Vixie, MPA, CVA AL!VE President Elect at

President's Message

AL!VE Board President Dana Litwin, CVA

Words Matter!
Most of us can remember a time that someone sent a word our way, and it stuck with us. It may have been the first time we received a truly accurate compliment, or the time a friend or sibling called us a name, but either way it stuck. This experience reminds us that what we say has weight and power. I do this practice, and I invite you to join me in noticing how the words you say and hear affect your body and your emotional state. Notice how the different communication styles of the people in your life make you feel. Also, watch closely to see how your own words come out and what affect they have on the people around you. 
There’s a big difference in taking “with” or ”to” or “at” someone, or a group.  Which one feels good? Bad? What do you think is truly most effective? Understanding our own unconscious biases, language-habits, and changing our internal narrative has a ripple effect in creating new, better ways of being and doing in the world.
How do we talk to our peers, and ourselves about our roles as Leaders of Volunteers? Are you a “cat herder” barely managing a chaotic bunch of apathetic creatures, or are you a Conductor (of an orchestra or train); leading a team of talented individuals or a complex machine towards a clear goal? Using words that are dismissive of our work, or the contribution of others, sets up a self-fulfilling cycle. Positive, proactive, TRUE framing of your role and situation benefits you and your agency’s mission!

AL!VE Announces National Impact Award, Sponsored by Better Impact

As volunteer engagement professionals, we make volunteerism happen. We leverage the skills and passions of our volunteers to help meet our organization’s mission and we keep a diverse group of volunteers motivated, happy and engaged.

We are thrilled to announce that we are launching a national award program in partnership with Better Impact.  The Impact Awards will recognize the work of volunteer engagement professionals in the USA.  Nominations are being accepted until September 14, 2019 and will be awarded live during our Hybrid Conference on October 22 & 23, 2019.  Recipients can also be recognized on International Volunteer Managers Day on November 5, 2019.  

Through the generous financial sponsorship of Better Impact (, three individuals will be selected to receive $500, $250, and $125, respectively.
Emerging Leader Award - for volunteer engagement professionals who have been in the field for 1-7 years.  Nomination form here.

Exemplary Leader Award - for volunteer engagement professionals who have been in the field for more than seven years and in recognition of their contributions to the field as mentors, leaders, trainers, and advocates. Nomination form here.

Nominations are open now and close September 14, 2019.  

  • Self Nominations are accepted.
  • Award recipients and nominators are not anonymous.  
  • Current AL!VE Board Members are not eligible for nomination.
  • 2019 recipients agree to serve on the 2020 award panel. 
  • Cash awards will be issued upon completion of the award form and prize funds will be disbursed by AL!VE.
  • Recipients will submit a follow up report on how the award was used.
After reviewing the nomination form and you have questions, please contact us.

Thank you to our sponsor !          

Join the CVA Study Hall!

Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC) is a national professional association dedicated to advocacy, capacity building and networking. VMPC connects and empowers a network of professionals and passionately elevates the quality of volunteerism in Canada. 

CVA Study Hall, available through VMPC’s Facebook page, is an online study tool. Facebook followers on the page receive weekly practice questions to help prepare for CVA certification. We are glad to promote the advancement of our profession in this way.

CVA after your name will enhance your skills and provide you with opportunities for professional advancement. Study Hall will help you get there. The fall 2019 session will begin in mid-July so tune in!

A special thank you to Angie Boehm and Deloree McCallum for providing the information for this article! 

Angie Boehm has worked in the health care sector for thirty years in a wide variety of roles. Many of those years in Volunteer Services. Currently, she works as a Labour Relations Officer. Angie holds certificates in Volunteer and Human Resource Management, Management Development, Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution. Having achieved her CVA in 2015, Angie felt that there needed to be a resource for people writing this exam. As such, she started a Facebook Study Hall Page.

Deloree McCallum is passionate about volunteerism.  For the past seven years she has provided her expertise to The Winnipeg Art Gallery as the Coordinator of Volunteers, a volunteer position. She achieved her certification in volunteer administration, CVA, in 2014 and was the first person in Manitoba to do so.  ‘I knew Angie as the President the Manitoba Association for Volunteer Administration, MAVA and connected with her when she invited me to join the study group she organized to study for the CVA exam.’ We have collaborated on the CVA Study Hall since fall 2017.

JOIN: AL!VE Emerging Leaders Mentor Program

Emerging Leaders Mentor Program
September 2019 - March 2020


AL!VE is dedicated to the professional growth and development of leaders in volunteer engagement. The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Mentor Program is to provide a platform for AL!VE members to connect, share best practices and position themselves as leaders in the field through ongoing professional development and skills building. Participants will paired with AL!VE Mentors to receive individualized coaching and support as well as monthly mentee peer sessions pertaining to leadership development topics.
For more information about this program, commitments and requirements, timeline, etc., please review the AL!VE Emerging Leaders Mentor Program FAQ.
IMPORTANT: If interested in participating, please review the dates for virtual events of this program so you can ensure your attendance. If you have any concerns about this program, please contact us at
If interested in becoming a mentee:
Complete the mentee application here.
If interested in serving as a mentor:
Complete the mentor questionnaire here.
Applications and questionnaires are due by Monday, September 2nd

Local Associations Mentor Program - Now Accepting Applications for Mentees and Mentors

Jennifer Thompson, CVA

AL!VE is piloting a mentor program for local associations to assist them to grow into local strong sources of professional development, networking, and leadership development. 

Building a national network of strong, functional local associations of volunteer engagement professionals is a benefit to all to keep updated on the latest in regional, state, or national issues and events.  Our  mentorship program entails different levels of mentorship for your group.  Each mentorship program last six months to one year, depending on the level.
Non-members -  They will receive 1 phone call/meeting with a mentor to consult and give advice.
AL!VE Individual members – They will receive 2 phone calls/meetings to consult and give advice + 1 coaching session within a six month period.
AL!VE Association Member – Up to a 12 month plan with calls, action plan, quarterly discussion sessions, follow-up and more.
To apply for a mentorship for your local association, click here

If you would like to mentor a local association, we’d love to have you be a part of the mentorship team!  You’ll work with AL!VE board members to set up short consultation, coaching, or educational sessions on topics that you have expertise in and local associations need.  This is a time commitment of a few hours a month on a regular basis, or less frequent depending on your schedule.

To apply to become a mentor, click here.

We will be sending a short survey to all local associations nationwide.  Your response is greatly appreciated and will help us all.

Want to be involved in this project?
Contact Gretchen Jordan, AL!VE Association Manager 

More information can also be found on our website.

2019 Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference: Register Soon!

2019 Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference
The Future is Now:
Tech Trends Transforming 2020 and Beyond

Visit the Conference Website

Technology has changed the way we plan, lead and manage volunteers in a big way.  And new technologies on the horizon are going to bring even greater changes.  What are some of the tech tools out there you can use now to leverage volunteers to their full potential? What are some pending changes that you should start preparing for today? How can you be ready to infuse technology to work smarter, not harder into the next decade and beyond?

Now in its fifth year, this collaborative event between AL!VE, Better Impact and VMPC (Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada) broadcasts a virtual presentation to remote locations in North America.  2018's event had 35 remote locations and over 1,000 attendees over the two day broadcast. 

We already have locations registered in
Sioux Falls, SD, Plano, TX, San Diego, CA & Boston, MA, Appleton, WI, Cedar Rapids, IA, Louisville, KY, Tulsa, OK, Riverside, CA, Burlingame, CA, Sacramento, CA !

Our speaker lineup this year includes:


Networking & Learning Opportunity -AL!VE’s Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice is a group of volunteer engagement professionals that meets virtually to share issues, strategies and best practices, get and receive colleagues' support, make connections, and provide an opportunity to share information, experiences, and resources specific to the industry/structure or community they serve.

NEW: Multiple Locations/Affiliates Communities of Practice
August 12th, 1:00 pm EST

Calling all volunteer management professionals who work at an organization with multiple locations or affiliates!
An exclusive community dedicated to solving the issues faced by volunteers managers working with organizations that have multiple sites. Volunteer engagement staff at a nonprofit with multiple locations are often supporting volunteer managers, rather than directly supporting volunteers.  Discussion topics will include communication with sites, creating consistency among sites, and technology and training options to reach across distance.  The next meeting will take place Monday at 1:00 pm Eastern August 12th and focus on communication across multiple sites.

For more information or to join, contact Allyson Drinnon, COP facilitator, at

Rural Communities of Practice
October 15th2pm EST
Click here to Register!

Volunteer Engagement Professionals in small towns face unique challenges and opportunities that aren’t always addressed by advice intended for city-based audiences. There are also fewer opportunities to connect with others doing similar work across the country. That’s what led to the creation of AL!VE’s Community of Practice (CoP) for volunteer engagement professionals in rural communities.
For any questions about this, please contact Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss, COP facilitator, at

Newsletter - AL!VE Newsletter: August 2019