AL!VE Newsletter: September 2020
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

President's Message

AL!VE Board President Megan Vixie, MPA, CVA, PHR, SHRM-CP

Dear AL!VE Members,

Happy Fall (almost)!  I know there are still so many challenges not only with COVID but also natural disasters and continuing racial injustices happening across the country.  And for many of you, you are also schooling children at home or serving as caregivers, cooks, housekeepers, grocery shoppers, etc. on top of professional duties. So life as we've known it is still a ways away from returning.

With all that in mind, we are still here for you, advocating for you and the profession.  We have partnered with VolunteerMatch and others to advocate for changes to include funding for volunteer engagement in the upcoming CORPS Act (S. 3964). We have also sent in public comment for additions to the Corporation for National and Community Service's Volunteering and Civic Life in America Survey to re-include more questions and add new ones on volunteerism so practitioners can hopefully cut the data and use it for their geographic area, industry, etc. We also encouraged you to submit public comment as well and hopefully you ahd a chance to do so!

Also, please consider applying to become one of our board of directors for 2021-2023.  We are making greater efforts to diversify our board in many ways so we have more cross-representation that reflect our field.  You can always reach out to me or members of our board if you have any questions.

So as we head into this month, please take advantage of our programs and services (e.g., our networking social, mentor program, communities of practice, the Hybrid Conference in October) where you can connect with one another for support and understanding!

As always, continue to be safe and healthy!

Welcome to our new members!

Jared Strawderman
Join Date: 08/05/2020

Susan Schroeder
Join Date: 08/06/2020

Dominic Leyden
Join Date: 08/06/2020

Cindy Meyers
Join Date: 08/11/2020

Mandy Stegint
Join Date: 08/12/2020

Coleen LaCost 
Join Date: 08/13/2020

Camille Nelsen
Join Date: 08/13/2020

Marcia Hale
Join Date: 08/13/2020

Timothy Suda
Join Date: 08/14/2020

Michelle Shiver
Join Date: 08/17/2020

Jenny Sanford
Join Date: 08/19/2020

Marie Howell 
Join Date: 08/20/2020

Lisa Marie Porter
Join Date: 08/24/2020

Trish Zenczak
Join Date: 08/24/2020

Fiona Wade
Join Date: 08/24/2020

Christie Geltz
Join Date: 08/24/2020

Karen Connetta
Join Date: 08/25/2020

Kat Milligan
Join Date: 08/25/2020

Courtney Moore
Join Date: 08/25/2020

Olivia Ganley
Join Date: 08/31/2020

Amy Oliver
Join Date: 09/01/2020

Marie Saunders
Join Date: 09/01/2020

Karen Goates 
Join Date: 09/01/2020

Merry Sam
Join Date: 09/02/2020

Thank you to our renewing members!

Shirley Conger
Member Since: 06/07/2009

Karen McDonald 
Member Since: 06/09/2009

Katherine Campbell, CVA
Member Since: 07/23/2009

Krista Gilmore
Member Since: 08/01/2009
Tony Goodrow
Member Since: 08/06/2009

Meghan Kaskoun, CVA
Member Since: 07/20/2010

Barbara Sheffer 
Member Since: 06/19/2011

Donna Martin MAET, CVA
Member Since: 06/27/2011
Amy Pinger Harvesters
Member Since: 12/02/2012
Betsy Mudd
Member Since: 05/21/2013

Jan Hathaway
Member Since: 08/30/2013

Lori A. Morris
Member Since: 09/12/2013

Jenn Forristal
Member Since: 06/30/2015

Alana Knoppow
Member Since: 07/14/2016

Megan Vixie, CVA
Member Since: 07/14/2016
Angie Drier
Member Since: 07/25/2016

Holly Payne
Member Since: 08/08/2016
MAVA Network 
Member Since: 08/24/2016

Barbara Hickert
Member Since: 07/19/2017

Sue Carter Kahl
Member Since: 08/01/2017

Amanda Caruso-Yahne
Member Since: 08/03/2017

Liza Dyer, CVA
Member Since: 08/04/2017

Sioux Empire DOVIA
Member Since: 08/09/2017

Lisa Greenberg 
Member Since: 08/10/2017

Marcia Haglund
Member Since: 08/11/2017
Patricia Wright
Member Since: 08/17/2017

Susan Nusall
Member Since: 08/22/2017

Garrett Zaffke
Member Since: 08/24/2017

Karen Pattison
Member Since: 10/24/2017

Ramona Gaukel
Member Since: 04/25/2018
Joanna White
Member Since: 07/04/2018

Jessica Ames
Member Since: 07/09/2018

Cairn Reisch, CVA 
Member Since: 09/04/2018

Paul Falkowski
Member Since: 09/26/2018

Christi Brown MHA, CVA, CAVS
Member Since: 10/29/2018

Taunja Weber
Member Since: 06/06/2019

Annette Sutfin
Member Since: 06/13/2019

Heather Lother
Member Since: 06/18/2019

Larkin O'Toole
Member Since: 06/21/2019
Joan Cardellino
Member Since: 07/10/2019

Adrienne Polumbo 
Member Since: 07/16/2019​

Megan Taylor
Member Since: 07/31/2019
Alma Pohler 
Member Since: 08/25/2019

Brittany Biggers
Member Since: 08/28/2019
Heather Crandall, CVA, CIT
Member Since: 09/05/2019

Patricia Parker
Member Since: 09/05/2019

Hannah Weier
 Member Since: 09/16/2019

Steven Whitley
Member Since: 09/18/2019

Upcoming Events

9/4 Volunteer Managers Hybrid Conference Informational Webinar: Managing Risk: Balancing Aversion & Innovation

VolunteerMatch: Understanding Soft Risk in Volunteer Engagement

VolunteerMatch: Writing Accurate and Useful Volunteer Position Descriptions

Nominations Close Sept 14 for the AL!VE Impact Awards

VolunteerMatch: Managing Difficult Volunteer Transitions

VolunteerPro [MASTERCLASS] Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Volunteer-Driven Organizations with Dr. Matthew C. Whitaker

AL!VE Member Welcome Webinar 1 PM Eastern

VolunteerMatch: The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit

AL!VE Health Care Communities of Practice Meeting Noon Eastern

Sterling Volunteers: Developing Volunteer Leaders

September AL!VE Academy: Project Management & Skills Based Volunteers, Presented by Marjie Bland

AL!VE Networking Event-Open to All 6 PM E 3 PM P

Colorado Conference on Volunteerism
10/01/2020- 10/02/2020

Volunteer Managers Hybrid Conference 'Managing Risk' Pacific/Mountain time zones

AL!VE Communities of Practice - Rural Communities October 20, 2 PM Eastern

VolunteerPro: [Masterclass] PART 2 Managing and Operationalizing DEI in Volunteering with Dr Matthew C Whitaker

Volunteer Managers Hybrid Conference 'Managing Risk' Central/Eastern time zones

October AL!VE Academy: Debrief of 'Managing Risk' Hybrid Conference

AL!VE Member Welcome Webinar 3 PM Eastern

AL!VE Academy: Nov 4 @ 1 PM E - Leadership Strategies: Cultivating a Buy-in for Your Volunteer Program

11/4 - AL!VE Transportation Community of Practice Noon Central, 1 PM Eastern

International Volunteer Managers Day

AL!VE Summit for Local Associations (DOVIA's)

Applications/Nominations for 2021 ALIVE Board of Directors now open! 

Michelle Raymer, CVA AL!VE President Elect

Answer the Call to Serve.
2021 AL!VE Board of Directors

Click here to nominate a candidate or apply.

ALIVE Board service is a chance to grow personally and professionally, to develop skills, gain unique experience, and make lasting connections with a team of other passionate and motivated professionals throughout the country. Becoming a Board member is an opportunity to share your professional knowledge, expertise, and passion to help AL!VE craft and forge the future of the profession.
It is our hope that our Board will be as diverse as the communities our members serve, with the perspective, skills, and experience needed to enact our strategic plan and advance our mission. While we welcome all who are passionate about supporting our mission to apply, after identifying gaps in perspectives and skill sets on our current Board, we are actively seeking candidates of diverse experiences, skills, and backgrounds, which can be found here.
This is an exciting time to join the leadership of ALIVE...


Registration Closes Soon For Individual and Host sites


October 20 & 21, 2020! 
"Managing Risk- Balancing Aversion & Innovation"

You can attend this conference three ways:
Attend one of our virtual host sites
Attend as an individual ($65 for AL!VE Members)
Host a local event in your area & invite others

Learn more at the conference website.

Virtual Hosting sites in:
Phoenix, AZ (AVACA)
Tulsa, OK (TulsAL!VE)
Sacramento, CA (Sacramento DOVIA)
Tuscon, AZ (SAVMA)
Los Angeles, CA (DOVIA-LA)
Fargo, ND (DVS Fargo-Moorhead)
Cedar Rapids, IA (United Way East Central Iowa)
Huntington, WV (United Way of the River Cities, Inc)
Newark, DE (DAVA)
Sioux Falls, SD (Dovia of the Sioux Empire)
Urbandale, IA (Volunteer Managers of Central Iowa)
York, PA (Wellspan Health Members Only)

September AL!VE Academy: Project Management & Skills Based Volunteers

September 25, 1 PM Eastern
Presented via Zoom - Free for AL!VE Members

Skills-based volunteering (SBV) is the practice of lending one’s professional skills to community organizations in a way that helps them affect social change. Companies across the world are embracing SBV as a way to increase employee engagement, improve talent development, and drive increased impact in their communities. Increasingly nonprofits are seeking ways to incorporate this interest in SBV into their volunteer engagement and overall strategic planning.
The session will provide an overview of SBV, including the key steps in a successful engagement, examples of impactful project types, and resources to support execution of skills-based volunteering projects. Attendees will learn...


NEW! Community of Practice for Healthcare September 16

Check our calendar and the next newsletter for additional COP's, meeting now or soon:

  • Transportation
  • Rural Volunteer Programs
  • Job Transition/Search
  • Performing/Arts Theater.  

Health Care
Community of Practice (COP)
Begins September 16!

This Community of Practice is open to all volunteer engagement professionals in the health care field - hospitals, blood banks, health care facilities, long-term health centers, etc).  Health care can have some unique situations, requirements, and environments for volunteers!  Join your colleagues in discussion about your questions, situations, needs, and share your experiences with others as well.  Let’s support each other! This will involve the following...


2020 Impact Award Nominations Close September 14

Jennifer Thompson, CVA, Impact Awards Chair

Volunteer Engagement Professionals:
Nominations for the 2020 Impact awards are now open until September 14.

Every volunteer professional is an amazing persona and each of us need to be recognized for all our hard work and dedication to their volunteers and their programs. Here is that opportunity to be recognized by your peers and win a monetary award for your continuing professional development... 


Local Association Member Spotlight: CIAVA, Indianapolis, IN

Interview of Chris Morehead, CIAVA President

Local Association Member Spotlight:
Central Indiana Association of Volunteer Administration

There are approximately 100 Local Associations of Volunteer Engagement Professionals.  AL!VE has a list of them on our website.  Don't see yours listed?  Visit this page and view the list, and make sure your local association is represented!  In each newsletter we will share about one of them.

Tell us a little bit about CIAVA?
Founded in 1987, we are Central Indiana's connection for volunteer managers.  Our main goals are to:
To promote the exchange of information
To encourage growth and development of members
To explore new issues and... 


Save the Date! Local Associations Summit

Announcing the first summit for
Local Associations of Volunteer Engagement Professionals
(DOVIA's, AVA's etc). 

Join us for networking, discussion roundtables, and more!

When:  Thursday November 5, 2020  1:00-3:00 PM Eastern

Who:  Leadership of all US Local Associations  (see list here)*

  • Each association can invite up to 4 members to attend

  • Any local association is welcome to attend, whether AL!VE member or not


  • Welcome and networking

  • Discussion and sharing 

  • Small group discussions

  • How AL!VE can partner

  • Celebrate International Volunteer Managers Appreciation Day!

Register to attend via Zoom.

*Not on the list? Please add your local association here.

CCVA Names Faiza Venzant, CVA, CVRM as Executive Director


Join AL!VE and the CCVA Board of Directors in welcoming Faiza Venzant as the new CCVA Executive Director!

Faiza Venzant. CVA, CVRM has been appointed as Executive Director of the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA).  Faiza is also an active AL!VE member that serves on the Board Development Committee. The CCVA board worked hard over the fall (2019) and spring (2020) to consider..


ATTEND: AL!VE Annual Meeting on November 18

AL!VE will hold its annual meeting on
Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 
11am PST/ 2 pm EST

Each year, AL!VE's board of directors convenes its membership to provide an update of the past year's accomplishments and where AL!VE will be headed in the next coming year and beyond.  We encourage all members to attend this very important meeting so you can help us continue to set the direction of AL!VE's future, learn how to get involved, and access all our awesome programs and resources.

Results of Board Elections
Introductions of 2021 Officers
President's Report
Treasurer's Report
VP of Marketing Report
VP of Membership Report
VP of Programs & Advocacy Report
Association Manager Report
President Elect - 2020 Goals and Objectives
New Business

The Annual meeting is open to AL!VE members with a full membership.  Register here.

Upcoming Days of Service

Need to plan a service project? See upcoming days of service to help you market your need:

9/11 Day of Service (September 11th)
In the U.S., September 11th has now been officially designated as the National Day of Service and Remembrance under the 2009 Serve America Act and the Corporation for National and Community Service coordinates it. 
Visit the website to register your service project or find ideas and resources to create a service project.

National Family Volunteer Day (November 22nd)
A day of service that demonstrates and celebrates the power of families who volunteer together, supporting their neighborhoods, communities and the world." Created by Points of Light in 1991, Family Volunteer Day is held annually the Saturday before Thanksgiving to 'kick off' the holiday season with giving and service, and to signal the start of National Family Week." 

Networking Social September 29

Join us for a networking social for an hour to connect with your colleagues.  This free event is open to all!  We will have a variety of topics discuss but do bring your own!  

September 29, 6:00-7:30 PM Eastern via Zoom  

Click below to register.  You will receive a confirmation with the log in. We'll send you a reminder too!

Keep Up With The News For Our Profession

Don't forget to check out AL!VE's newsfeed on our home page for regular updates from our profession. Here's what you may have missed in this last month to catch you up!

Managing Risk VHMC Video Released!

AHVRP Dissolves as of December 31; enters collaborative partnership with the Beryl Institute

CCVA Welcomes New Executive Director

AL!VE Now Accepting Nominations for Board of Directors to Serve in 2021

ARNOVA Announces Nancy MacDuff Scholarship Applications Now Available

Has Your Membership Information Changed?

Cairn Reisch, VP of Membership

We're updating our member database to enhance our member networking benefit.

When you register or access the members only system, you will be prompted to fill out the member skills database.  As this database grows you can search our membership to connect with a colleague regarding a specific skill - such as board development, social media, or fundraising. Please take five minutes and update  your skills on our database.  You can also go in an edit at any time.

Thank you!

PS:  check to make sure messages from AL!VE aren't going in the spam folder.

AL!VE Member Welcome Webinars

New to AL!VE or just want to check in?  

Next Member Welcome Webinar:
September 16, 1 PM E / 10 AM P

Find out what's happening or get a quick fix of networking with your peers! New members will get a brief overview of our mission, benefits, activities and committees...


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