AL!VE Newsletter: May 2021
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

President's Message

AL!VE Board President Megan Vixie, MPA, CVA, PHR, SHRM-CP


Did you know that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month?  Collectively, our mental health has suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us have been at the forefront working alongside our volunteers or getting things ready for their return.  It has been a long journey and while there seems to be great progress, we are tired! 

So today, in the spirit of mental health awareness, I'm here to say to you it's ok to not be ok. Take time to be kind to yourself and be kind to one another. We have a wonderful community here that can support and uplift one another so please, use it! There is so much to look forward to, and your friends and colleagues at AL!VE can help see us all through. If you are looking for information about National Mental Health Awareness Month or mental health-related resources, visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) here.

I know I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you through our various programs, so please reach to me if I can support you in any way! I hope to see you at the AL!VE Networking Social on May 27th, so please come and join me in taking a break and having a good time!

Lastly, a heartfelt congratulations to all those that achieved their Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA)!  What an accomplishment! I am honored to share these credentials with you, and I know you worked so hard to earn those three letters. Display them proudly!

Stay safe and healthy everyone, Megan

Welcome to our new members!

(as of May 13, 2021)

Lane Allen
DOVIA Colorado
Julie Hagle
Erin Kelly
Bryce Lord
Cat Mason
Margaret Thompson
Eric Toliver

Thank you to renewing members!

Kathy Cahill
Member Since: 06/05/2009

Karen McDonald
Member Since: 06/09/2009

Trina Mayhan-Webb, MA, CVA
Member Since: 10/05/2010

Gene Dickinson
Member Since: 11/06/2012

Amy Pinger Harvesters
Member Since: 12/02/2012

Kathy Perun
Member Since: 06/24/2015

Jared McCannell, CVA
Member Since: 11/04/2015

Lillian Nelson
Member Since: 05/25/2016

Andrea Hill
Member Since: 06/27/2016

Rhonda Berry
Member Since: 08/24/2016

Karmit Bulman
Member Since: 03/06/2017

Bonnie Davis
Member Since: 03/09/2018

Beth Healey
Member Since: 04/19/2018

Kathy Guenther
Member Since: 11/06/2018

Rebecca Maletto-Cornell
Member Since: 11/18/2018

Motria Hodowanec
Member Since: 04/29/2019

Ericka Harney
Member Since: 04/30/2019

Brent Sturm
Member Since: 05/14/2019

Barrie Madasu
Member Since: 05/23/2019

Wendy McClure
Member Since: 05/28/2019

Larkin O'Toole
Member Since: 06/21/2019

Lori Jean Mantooth
Member Since: 06/28/2019

Sabrina Clark
Member Since: 01/22/2020

Delores Wisdom
Member Since: 03/18/2020

James Rice III
Member Since: 05/20/2020

Astrid Maldonado-De Jesus
Member Since: 06/24/2020

Nedra Cutler,CVA
Member Since: 06/25/2020

Nicole R Smith
Member Since: 07/08/2020

AL!VE Member Welcome Webinars

New to AL!VE or just want to check in?  

Next Member Welcome Webinar:
 June 16, 1 PM Eastern

Find out what's happening or get a quick fix of networking with your peers! New members will get a brief overview of our mission, benefits, activities and committees...


Calendar of Events Import

AL!VE Rural Programs Communities of Practice, 2PM ET/ 11am PT

Local Associations PDW: Virtual Volunteer Fairs: How our Local Association Had A Successful Virtual Volunteer Fair!

5/19, 2 PM E: Informational Webinar: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Real Impact for the Real World

Volunteer Engagement Check-In: Bringing Volunteers Back

AL!VE COP Book Club: Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People March 16-May 25

5/25, 2 PM E: Informational Webinar: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Real Impact for the Real World

AL!VE Networking Event- May 27, 6 PM ET/ 3 PM PT

CCVA Information Sessions for 2021 CVA Candidates

Bonus June AL!VE Academy: 9 Years and Counting: Lessons Learned from a Virtual Volunteer Program

6/7, 2 PM E: Informational Webinar: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Real Impact for the Real World

MAVA’s Virtual Volunteer Engagement Leadership Conference: In With the BOLD
06/09/2021- 06/11/2021

6/15 AL!VE Community of Practice - Job Transitioning and Leveling Up 1 PM P / 4 PM E

AL!VE Member Welcome Webinar June 16, 2021 1 PM Eastern

6/18, 1 PM E: Informational Webinar: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Real Impact for the Real World

6/22/21 AL!VE Health Care Communities of Practice Meeting Noon Eastern

June AL!VE Academy The Volunteer Value Proposition: Capturing Numbers and Impact Presented by Dr. Sue Carter Kahl

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Instagram: @Volunteeralive
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Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference Registration Now Open!

Host Site Registration Now Open - Click Here!

Individual Registration Opens Soon

7th Annual Volunteer Managers Hybrid Conference
October 19 (Pacific/Mountain) or 20 (Central or Eastern)

Learn more at an informational session:
May 19, 2 PM E or May 25, 2 PM E

Host & Moderator:  Faiza Venzant, CVA  

Faiza Venzant CVA is the Executive Director of the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration and General Manager, Volunteer Development at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. With 20 years of leadership experience in volunteer engagement, she continues this work with a goal of centering community amongst the profession, improving equity and access to volunteerism and increasing diversity amongst professional leaders of volunteers.  In 2018, Faiza published her first children’s book entitled, My Mamma Wants to Eat Me Up!  As a mother of two young boys, she has not actually eaten any of her children up. 

This year's Presenters are...


Congratulations to AL!VE Members !

Cheers to our AL!VE members who recently sat for the Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA) exam and passed!
Your dedication to our field is admirable. Congratulations on this significant achievement!

AL!VE CVA Study Group Sign Ups Now Open for Fall 2021 Exam

AL!VE is excited to announce a fall session of a  weekly one-hour virtual study  series for members working towards their Certification in Volunteer Administration exam (CVA). 
The study group is a benefit for members with a full AL!VE membership who are preparing for the fall 2021 exam.  The group will be led by facilitators who have earned their CVA certification.


Upcoming AL!VE Academy Webinars

Paula Allen, CVA VP of Programs & Advocacy

These monthly professional development webinars are available FREE to all AL!VE members, including Local Association memberships.  These sessions are recorded, and the slide deck & recording can be accessed on the members only side of our website.  From the member menu, choose 'Resources' tab and then File Archive.

Special Additional Session - Hot Topic: 9 Years and Counting: Lessons Learned from a Virtual Volunteer Program
Presenter: by Michele Wiesner
June 4 @ 3pm E: Register Here

The Volunteer Value Proposition: Capturing Numbers and Impact
Presenter: Sue Carter-Kahl. PhD.
June 23, 1 PM E  Register Here.

Have an idea or would like to present for a future webinar?  Learn more here.

Communities of Practice - New COP added!

Join a Community of Practice!
The AL!VE Communities of Practice (COP) Program is designed to give AL!VE members networking and educational opportunities within their field of expertise. Led by AL!VE members and field experts, it is a time to share experiences, resources and 
recommendations with fellow AL!VE members. If you'd like to lead a COP in an area not listed below, contact us!

For more information about each COP, visit our COP webpage. 

New!  Animal Welfare  COP
The COP - Animal Welfare is designed to include a broad range of animal welfare organizations such as animal shelters, rescue groups, foster-based programs, sanctuaries, direct care for animals, and humane education programs. The objective of this COP is to connect volunteer engagement professionals within these organizations to share resources and best practices.

Two more new COP's coming soon:


Local Associations Webinar May 18

Professional Development for Local Association Leadership, Boards, etc. 
If your Local Association (DOVIA, AVA, DOV, etc) is an AL!VE Local Association member, or if you belong to a Local Association, please read and pass along these updates!  For more information about joining AL!VE as a Local Association, learn more here.

Our next offering:
May 18, 3:30 PM Eastern.  Register here.

Virtual Volunteer Fairs: How our Local Association Had A Successful Virtual Volunteer Fair!

Join Jessica Dennes from SAVMA (Southern Arizona Volunteer Managers Association) as she outlines the process SAVMA took to produce a successful virtual volunteer fair in the fall of 2020.  

As volunteer roles transition, change, or remain online, this is a great way to expand your recruitment base in an efficient and fun way in your community, involving a variety of opportunities from your local association's membership.

During this presentation, Jessica will outline: 


Advocacy Sub Committee Seeks Volunteers

AL!VE is updating our Professional Standards and we're looking for volunteers to help us. We published professional standards in 2012 which reflect and guide effective practice for engaging and leading volunteers. You can find the current Professional Standards here.

Times have changed, volunteer engagement has changed, volunteer management has changed, and it's time to update these Standards to reflect current volunteer engagement and management. If you're interested in helping with this important Standards Project, please email Emilie Bromet-Bauer, Advocacy Committee Chair.

New Member Benefit Now Available!

For AL!VE Members with a full membership, you now have access to a great new member benefit:  

Announcing the Portfolio Manager!

What is it? A convenient way to store your professional development certificates, transcripts, and the like.  Any .pdf, .jpg, picture, or the like can be stored here.  This will be stored for the duration of your membership.  If you currently hold a CVA, you'll be able to keep all your PDU's in once place, electronically.

How does it work? When you access the members' only side of the AL!VE Website, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate your membership information. On the far right, you'll see the 'Portfolio Manager'


Has Your Membership Information Changed?

Cairn Reisch, VP of Membership

We're updating our member database to enhance our member networking benefit! 

When you register or access the members only system, you will be prompted to fill out the member skills database.  As this database grows you can search our membership to connect with a colleague regarding a specific skill - such as board development, social media, or fundraising. Please take five minutes and update  your skills on our database.  You can also go in an edit at any time.
Thank you!
PS:  Check to make sure messages from AL!VE aren't going in the spam folder.

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Newsletter - AL!VE Newsletter: May 2021