AL!VE Newsletter: December 2021
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

President's Message

AL!VE Board President Megan Vixie, MPA, CVA, PHR, SHRM-CP


Happy Holidays to all that are celebrating this time of year! I hope that you are closing out the end of this year with joy, laughter, and reflection while getting ready for a new year filled with hope, excitement and peace. I know for many of you this may be a very challenging time with natural disasters sweeping across our country and putting you on center stage. We are with you and here for you.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your AL!VE President for these past two years. This association is filled with amazing individuals that are making their mark on the world, inspiring others to raise their hand and give of themselves to their communities. I know I am transitioning to one amazing new President in Michelle Raymer! She is a dynamic, thoughtful and strategic leader that will guide AL!VE through its next evolution. I look forward to serving as Past President and assisting in any way I can.

Please be safe this time of year, and try to find time to downshift, reflect and recharge.  I will see you in 2022!

Stay healthy, stay safe, 

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Volunteer With AL!VE!

Volunteering with AL!VE in a Committee Role is a great way to:

  • Develop Leadership Skills

  • Contribute to the Profession

  • Create New Connections

  • Nourish Skills

  • Earn PDU's for CVA recertification

  • ---and more!

Committee work usually consists of a monthly meeting and 2-4 hours of additional time per month for committee related projects.  

There are openings for new members on these committees:

  • Marketing (Social Media, Outreach, Special Projects)
  • ​Membership (New Member Calls, Regional Outreach, Special Projects)
  • Finance (Oversight and fundraising, grant research)
  • Community of Practice Facilitators   

Interested?  Check out our website information, then apply.  We'll be in touch to connect with you right away about how to get started!  

Save the Date! October 18 or 19, 2022 Volunteer Managers Hybrid Conference

Thank you to the 41 remote host sites in the US & Canada and 800+ who attended 'Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:  Real Impact for the Real World'

Timeline for the 2022 Conference:

Jan 2022:  Theme announced
April  2022:  Speakers announced
May 2022:  Registration opens
October 18 - Pacific & Mountain Broadcast
October19 - Central & Eastern Broadcast


Thank You to Our Renewing Members!

Kay Sibetta AARP Georgia

Renewal Date: 11/22/2021

Jenny Jensen AARP Georgia
Renewal Date: 11/22/2021

Rachel Manuel Bruns America's Service Commissions
Renewal Date: 11/27/2021

Kaira Esgate America's Service Commissions
Renewal Date: 11/27/2021

Sheila Bradley
Renewal Date: 12/10/2021

Stephanie Broxterman
Renewal Date: 11/12/2021

Member Access CIAVA
Renewal Date: 12/10/2021

Kristina Coby
Renewal Date: 11/27/2021

Member Access DADV
Renewal Date: 11/02/2021

Bridgette Dembowski
Renewal Date: 11/27/2021

Gene Dickinson
Renewal Date: 11/06/2021

DADV- Dallas Association of Directors of Volunteers
Renewal Date: 11/02/2021

Jenna Dixon
Renewal Date: 11/12/2021

Marilyn Douglas
Renewal Date: 11/30/2021

Kate Ekman DOVIA-LA
Renewal Date: 11/28/2021

Dina Schubert DuPage County Animal Services
Renewal Date: 12/07/2021

Ani Etter
Renewal Date: 11/26/2021

Nadine Gamble Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Holly Duns Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Shelley Orloski Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Diane Weiner Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Merle Walker Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Allison Capella Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Melissa Mauk Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Lynne Lisner Forum for Volunteer Administrators
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Julie Gallanty
Renewal Date: 11/08/2021

Kathy Guenther
Renewal Date: 11/06/2021

Lisl Hacker
Renewal Date: 11/27/2021

Carrie Hart
Renewal Date: 11/19/2021

Amy Howe
Renewal Date: 12/09/2021

Kayla Hutton
Renewal Date: 11/10/2021

Melissa Jagodinsky
Renewal Date: 11/24/2021

Audrey Kidwell
Renewal Date: 11/13/2021

Rachel Krempasky
Renewal Date: 12/13/2021

Heather M Lee
Renewal Date: 12/14/2021

Stacey Luhring, CVA
Renewal Date: 11/23/2021

Allison Schwartz MCDVS
Renewal Date: 12/11/2021

Betsy McFarland
Renewal Date: 12/14/2021

Mike Parker
Renewal Date: 11/26/2021

Cindy Perreira
Renewal Date: 11/15/2021

Sarah Philippe
Renewal Date: 12/10/2021

Gay Prescott
Renewal Date: 12/06/2021

Michelle Raymer CVA
Renewal Date: 11/27/2021

Janice Reinke
Renewal Date: 11/02/2021

Sondra Rhoades Johnson
Renewal Date: 11/22/2021

Allison Schwartz
Renewal Date: 11/28/2021

Hollis Sweet
Renewal Date: 11/25/2021

Jessica Gordon CVA SWIDOVS
Renewal Date: 11/11/2021

Katharine Swilley
Renewal Date: 12/12/2021

Jean Ward
Renewal Date: 12/05/2021

Janessa Weightman
Renewal Date: 12/01/2021

Questions? Contact Us!

We are here for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our website at  While you are there, you can also:

  • Read the latest news about the profession

  • Submit a calendar or news item

  • Check out the resources page

  • Find volunteer opportunities

  • ...and more!

Welcome to Our Newest Members!

Elizabeth Hodgkins

Join Date: 11/02/2021

King Shakur
Join Date: 11/03/2021

Brianne Fitzgerald
Join Date: 11/06/2021

Lisa D Simons
Join Date: 11/08/2021

Dianne Walker
Join Date: 11/09/2021

Kate Polgar
Join Date: 11/10/2021

Crystal Bell
Join Date: 11/11/2021

Renee Fleming
Join Date: 11/12/2021

Janice Malone
Join Date: 11/16/2021

Veronica Mozzo-Wirr
Join Date: 11/18/2021

Colleen Loftus
Join Date: 12/07/2021

Terriann Thommes
Join Date: 12/07/2021

Denice Fischer
Join Date: 12/13/2021

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Member Survey Highlights

Some highlights from our 2021 Member Survey -
you can learn more from our Annual Report.
  • 4.7 out of 5 for likely to recommend AL!VE
  • 98% likely to renew membership
  • 96% say value matches fee
  • 90% participated in an AL!VE Academy
  • 75% participated in a Community of Practice
  • More than 50% accessed our library of resources, calendar and IJOVA
  • 50% particpated in the Mentor Program

Want to see more?  View our Annual Report here: 

Upcoming AL!VE Academy Webinars

Paula Allen, CVA VP of Programs & Advocacy

These monthly professional development webinars are available FREE to all AL!VE members, including Local Association memberships.  These sessions are recorded, and the slide deck & recording can be accessed on the members only side of our website.  From the member menu, choose 'Resources' tab and then File Archive.

Appreciating Volunteer Management as a Step on Your Career Ladder
Presenter:  Mary Beth Harrington
January 26, 2022 @ 2pm E, 90 min
Visit the registration page for more details and to reserve your spot today!

Sticky Situations: Marketing and Media Magic for Volunteer Engagement
Presenter:  Dana Litwin
Date TBD, 75 min
Date to be announced in the January newelstter.  Check the February calendar here!

Help advance the field of volunteer engagement in 2022
Do you enjoy presenting to groups, have knowledge on an advanced topic relevant to volunteer engagement professionals, and have a passion for advancing the sector? Volunteer as an AL!VE Academy Presenter! Members have the opportunity to share their expertise while gaining experience presenting to a national audience. Opportunities include hour long webinars and 30 minute presentations followed by facilitated discussions. For more information see the position description below.  To find out about sending a proposal, fill out our information form here.  We will review and be in touch with you shortly.

AL!VE Annual Meeting Recording Now Available!

The AL!VE Annual Meeting was held November 30, 2021 at 2 PM Eastern.  
You can view the recording and review the slide deck from the members only side of the AL!VE website.  Go to the 'Resources' tab, click on the 'File Archive' then choose the Annual meeting topic. 

We are looking forward to another great year for our Association!

Congratulations to the 2021 Impact Award Recipients!

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2021 Impact Awards. There were two categories; Emerging Leaders, who are made up of individuals’ with 1-7 years experience in the field, and Exemplary Leaders, with more than 7 years experience. Each of the recipients are receiving a cash award that they can use for professional development. 

Emerging Leader Category: 
1st Place: Brittany McGarry, CVA, Volunteer Engagement Specialist, National MS Society
2nd Place: Tim Suda, CVA, DIsaster Workforce Engagement Manager, American Red Cross
3rd Place: Morgan Green-Griffin, CVA, Librarian, City of Coppell-Cozby Library Community Coordinator
Honorable Mention: Karlene Kuhn

Exemplary Leader Category:
1st Place: Marcia Hale, CVA, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Hollsboro Public Library
2nd Place: Carrie Hart, CVA, Manager, Volunteer Services, Bayhealth
3rd Place: Kathyrn Hampton, CVA, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Idaho Parks & Recreation
Honorable Mention: Cathy Thoma and Rose Morgan

Read more about the winners here!

Communities of Practice - Save these November & December Dates!

Join a Community of Practice!
The AL!VE Communities of Practice (COP) Program is designed to give AL!VE members  networking and educational opportunities within their field of expertise. Led by  AL!VE  members and field experts, it is a time to share experiences, resources and  recommendations with fellow AL!VE members. If you'd like to lead a COP in an area not listed below, contact us!

For more information about each COP, visit our COP webpage. Please register for the COP you want to attend via our calendar

BIG thank you to the COP Facilitators who work hard to manage the logistics,  resources, and content for each COP and make sure each conversation is meaningful and helpful for participants. Thank you for your service!

January COP Dates:

1/4 @ 3pm E, Food Banks
1/5 @ 1pm E, Transportation
1/7 @ 12pm E, Capacity Building
1/13 @ 12pm E, Healthcare
1/17 @ 2pm E, Early Childhood Education
1/18 @ 2pm E, Rural Communities
1/20 @ 12pm E, Parks & Recreation
1/27 @ 2pm E, Emergency Response


Join the Spring 2022 CVA Study Group

The Spring 2022 CVA study group is now open!

The study group is a member benefit from AL!VE open to all AL!VE members preparing for the SPRING 2022 exam and will be led by facilitators who have earned their CVA certification. The group will meet each Wednesday at noon Eastern for eight weeks from February 2 through March 23, 2022. The study schedule is based on reading one or two chapters of the CVA textbook, discussing those chapters and reviewing sample test questions during the meetings. To receive information about the AL!VE study group fill out this form by January 10 and save the date for the January 12 introduction session at noon EDT.  We will contact you with the zoom login information.
If you are not yet an AL!VE member, you are welcome to attend the first session, but we request you join as an AL!VE member to attend further sessions. (Your $50 AL!VE membership will also give you a $35 discount to sit for the CCVA Exam!)
Spring 2022 Schedule-  will be Wednesday at 12pm ET- one hour sessions:
January 12- 12pm ET- Introduction to CVA Study Group Resources
February 2-March 23- 12pm ET- 8 sessions
Register here today! 

If you're interested in learning more about the Certification in Volunteer Administration in general, visit the CCVA website for information sessions about the exam and application and upcoming information sessions from CCVA.   

Congratulations to Our New Board Members!

Michelle Raymer, CVA - AL!VE President Elect & Board Develop

At our Annual Meeting, the Board election results were announced.

Executive Committee
Megan Vixie, CVA– Past President
Michelle Raymer, CVA– President
Kayla Paulson, CVA– President Elect
Christi Brown, CVA– Treasurer
Arletha Walker, CVA - Secretary

Board Members at Large
Crystal Bell, CVA – VP of Membership
Cathy Thoma, CVA - VP of Programs New!
Michael Mulhern, CVA - VP of Marketing
Andrea Hill, CVA  
Alana Knoppow 
Darlene Laird, CVA New!
Alicia Morris Campbell, CVA New!
Jordanya Reeves New!
Allison Schwartz New!
Nicole Smith, CVA
Karen Stolt, CVA  New!
Jennifer Thompson, CVA

To learn more about each Board Member, visit the Board of Directors page. Welcome to our 2022-2024 AL!VE Board of Directors! We look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Local Associations Updates

Local Associations National Summit   
The second annual national summit for Local Associations of Volunteer Engagement Professionals (DOVIA's, AVA's etc) took place November 4.  

Thank you to everyone who attended.  We had 34 local associations represented this year, and the group had roundtable discussions on topics such as succession planning, working with partners, financial management, and more.  A full recap will be sent to all attendees in December. 

Professional Development for Local Association Leadership 

Our Quarterly Professional Development Topics for 2022 will be:
1st Quarter:  Calling In VS Calling Out:  Diversifying your board  (Date TBA, March)
2nd Quarter:  Developing Your Board (Date TBA - June)
3rd Quarter:  Strategic Planning for your Local Association  (Date TBA - September)
4th Quarter:  Local Associations National Summit November 3, 2022

If your Local Association (DOVIA, AVA, DOVS, etc) is an AL!VE Local Association member, or if you belong to a Local Association, please read and pass along these updates!  For more information about joining AL!VE as a Local Association, learn more here. 

In addition, check these additional benefits to AL!VE local association members.


AL!VE Member Welcome Webinars

New to AL!VE or just want to check in?  

Find out what's happening or get a quick fix of networking with your peers! New members will get a brief overview of our mission, benefits, activities and committees.

Register to attend an upcoming webinar from our calendar:
January 19, 1 PM Eastern
March 3, Noon Eastern
April 12, 3 PM Eastern
June 28, 3 PM Eastern
August 4, Noon Eastern
September 21, 1 PM Eastern
November 2, 3 PM Eastern
December 8, Noon Eastern 


Present to Your Peers in 2022!

Points of Light Conference Proposals Accepted Jan 4 - Jan 21 

The new year is coming, and with it, a new opportunity to be part of the Points of Light Conference. The presenter call for proposals will open Jan. 4 and run through Jan. 21. We invite you to be part of the magic! 
Learn More >>
Americas Service Commissions Request for Proposals extended until Jan 8, 2022 

'Shaping the Future' is the 2022 theme and ASC is excited to invite individuals to submit workshop sessions as part of our 2022 Call for Proposals. Proposals must be submitted by midnight Eastern on Friday, January 8, 2022. 
Learn More >>

Correction: AL!VE Members Earn the CVA

Congratulations to these AL!VE members who have earned their Certification in Volunteer Administration this fall:

**Sincerest apologies to Severina Ware on the misspelling of her name in our last announcement!**

Nicole Smith
Paris Eriksen
Joanna Brown
Morgan Green-Griffin
Micaela De Loyola Clark
Rebecca Conner
Sarah Sukram
Marcelle Austin
Max Pacheco
Carly Weld
Nancy Williams
Daniel Collins
Heather Cowles
Kjrsten Abel Ruch
Kasey Zroneck
Betsy McFarland
Severina Ware 
Anna Brandt
Allie Zimmerman
Jessica Woods


New Member Benefit Now Available!

For AL!VE Members with a full membership, you now have access to a great new member benefit:  

Announcing the Portfolio Manager!


Check Out Our Newsfeed!

Americas Service Commissions Request for Proposals extended to open until Jan 8, 2022
'Shaping the Future' is the 2022 theme and ASC is excited to invite individuals to submit workshop sessions as part of our 2022 Call for Proposals. Proposals must be submitted by midnight Eastern on Friday, January 8, 2022.

Apply Now Until January 10, 2022 to Join the AL!VE CVA Spring 2022 Study Group COP
Spring 2022 study group is now open! The study group is a member benefit from AL!VE open to all members preparing for the Spring 2022 exam and will be led by facilitators who have earned their CVA certification.

Special Thanks to Our Outgoing Board Members!

Oceans of appreciation for our outgoing Board members.  Each of them has brought their 'A' game to their board service.  These board members are heading on to new opportunities, partly because of their growth in leadership and management skills as an AL!VE Board member.  Below are a few of the highlights of their accomplishments, in addition to being pretty awesome humans.

Paula Allen - As VP of Programs & Advocacy, Paula developed and grew a strong committee who managed the AL!VE Academy Programs, Communities of Practice, Advocacy, and the Research resources on our website.  

Kelli Crawford - Served on the Programs & Advocacy, DEAI, and Standards Committees.  Kelli also moderated panel for a AL!VE Academy webinar in 2020.

Sean Devereaux - As Treasurer, Sean improved financial management systems

Allyson Drinnon - Allyson helped co-lead our DEAI Committee and helped build language for our commitment to diversity.

Audrey Kidwell - As a past VP of Marketing and current committee member, developed a social media and marketing plan to expand our online presence.

Mark Smith - As Secretary and Chair of the Local Associations committee, organized our document storage and volunteer management processes for the association.  Developed and refined the Local Associations Handbook, Mentoring program, Annual Local Associations Summit, and Quarterly Ed sessions for Local Association Leadership.

Cairn Reisch - As VP of Membership, increased the committee, developed a member survey, and helped recruit additional committee members for all AL!VE programs & committees.

Several will remain active with AL!VE in other roles, and we thank them for their continued commitment! 
Newsletter - AL!VE Newsletter: December 2021