AL!VE Newsletter: May 2022
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

President's Message

AL!VE Board President Michelle Raymer, CVA


Love for Local Associations

Early in my career, while serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA member, someone recommended I attend a meeting of the local Directors of Volunteers in Agencies (DOVIA). It was at those meetings I met a community with the same joys and challenges as me, and learned that volunteer engagement was a profession. Every role I’ve had since has involved volunteer engagement, and I’m grateful to our local association for the support I was given as I was starting. I’m proud of AL!VE’s growing offerings for local associations, including next month’s opportunity for local association leadership to network and learn from each other. If you’re a part of your local association’s leadership, I hope you’ll participate. And next time you meet an AmeriCorps member or new volunteer engagement professional, extend an invitation to join your local association and AL!VE, and let them know this is a profession they can build a career in.


2022 Impact Awards Coming This Summer

Nominations open August 2022 for this year's Impact awards.

Thanks to Board Member Nicole Smith for interviewing past Impact Award Winners on her 'From the Suggestion Box' podcast - check out part 1 here!

Watch for more information and the next podcast to come in our June newsletter about the 2022 Impact Awards!  
  • Get Nominated
  • Tell your Story
  • Win Big

Expand Your Professional Development - Volunteer With AL!VE

We Want YOU!
Time commitment usually entails one meeting a month, with 1-2 hours working independently on a project or with a team.  Volunteering with AL!VE looks great on a resume! 

These Committees are seeking AL!VE members to join:​
  • Local Associations Committee: We meet the 1st Tuesday of the month at 2pm to plan quarterly professional development sessions, mentor local associations, and help build the network of local associations. If you have past or current experience with your local association to share, you are welcome to attend a meeting to learn more! Contact Committee Chair Jenn Forristal for more information.
  • Finance (Oversight and fundraising, grant research): We meet the 2nd Monday of each month from 1-2pm, E. Committee responsibilities include reviewing the monthly budget, identifying opportunities to generate revenue or decrease expenses and drafting an annual budget. If you love working with budgets and anything related to finances, this is the committee for you! If you are interested in joining the Finance Committee, please email Christi Brown for more information. 

Visit our volunteer page to apply and get started!

Congratulations to the Newest CVA's!

Congratulations to the following AL!VE members that recently passed their CVA exam and are the newest faces in the CVA community!

Tessa Lynn Barnard
Jennifer Logan Curtis
Shelly E. Garcia
Kathryn J.L. Goller
Emily Grossman
Karin Lamb
Fiona Norby
Margaret A. O'Neill
Brandon Owens
Jordanya Reeves
Rayne Schwantes
Eugina Marie Scoggins
Alejandra Sierra
Brittany Smith

Congratulations on this AWESOME achievement!

Welcome New Members!

Cristina Basurto

Join Date: 04/05/2022

Hannah Sell
Join Date: 04/07/2022

Jocelyne Doran
Join Date: 04/13/2022

Rebecca Purchase
Join Date: 04/18/2022

Giselle Tato
Join Date: 04/21/2022

Amy Jordan
Join Date: 04/28/2022

Kristie Nardini
Join Date: 05/03/2022

Shelli Beck
Join Date: 05/04/2022

Juanita Goode
Join Date: 05/04/2022

Cara Madsen
Join Date: 05/06/2022

AL!VE Member Welcome Webinars

New to AL!VE or just want to check in?  

Find out what's happening or get a quick fix of networking with your peers! New members will get a brief overview of our mission, benefits, activities and committees.

Register to attend an upcoming webinar from our calendar:
May 25, 1 PM Eastern
June 28, 3 PM Eastern
August 4, Noon Eastern
September 21, 1 PM Eastern
November 2, 3 PM Eastern
December 8, Noon Eastern 


Thanks for Renewing Your Membership!

Antoine Cook

Renewal Date: 04/18/2022

Evan Rose DOVIA Colorado
Renewal Date: 04/14/2022

Audrey Glasebrook DOVIA Colorado
Renewal Date: 04/14/2022

Julie Hagle
Renewal Date: 04/13/2022

Ericka Harney
Renewal Date: 04/30/2022

Beth Healey
Renewal Date: 04/19/2022

Motria Hodowanec
Renewal Date: 04/29/2022

Tammy Horlacher
Renewal Date: 04/22/2022

Erin Kelly
Renewal Date: 04/14/2022

Heather Kiuttu
Renewal Date: 04/12/2022

Bryce Lord
Renewal Date: 04/15/2022

Lee Ann Luxenberger
Renewal Date: 04/30/2022

Kristyn Martin
Renewal Date: 04/28/2022

Cat Mason
Renewal Date: 04/13/2022

Susan Palmer
Renewal Date: 04/07/2022

Theresa Price
Renewal Date: 04/28/2022

Karen Reid
Renewal Date: 04/02/2022

Heather Rodrigues Furuta
Renewal Date: 04/25/2022

Mindy Rupley
Renewal Date: 05/07/2022

Melissa Ryder
Renewal Date: 04/16/2022

Kim Sanecki
Renewal Date: 04/22/2022

Heidi Urbina SAVMA
Renewal Date: 05/05/2022

Angie McBride SAVMA
Renewal Date: 05/05/2022

Jessica Dennes SAVMA
Renewal Date: 05/05/2022

Sierra Horsey SAVMA
Renewal Date: 05/05/2022

Gina Hansen SAVMA
Renewal Date: 05/05/2022

Jonathan Tate
Renewal Date: 05/04/2022

Margaret Thompson
Renewal Date: 05/03/2022

Eric Toliver
Renewal Date: 04/09/2022

Ramona Gaukel United Way of Central Iowa
Renewal Date: 04/25/2022

Lynne Melssen United Way of Central Iowa
Renewal Date: 04/25/2022

Sarah Varick
Renewal Date: 04/30/2022

Megan Vixie
Renewal Date: 05/07/2022

Rachelle Talbott Volunteer Managers of Central Iowa
Renewal Date: 04/25/2022

VMCI General Email Volunteer Managers of Central Iowa
Renewal Date: 04/25/2022

Alicia Vermeer Volunteer Managers of Central Iowa
Renewal Date: 04/25/2022

Jana Daisy Volunteer Managers of Central Iowa
Renewal Date: 04/25/2022

Brandie Broadhead Volunteer Managers of Central Iowa
Renewal Date: 04/25/2022

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Questions? Contact Us!

We are here for you! Please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our website at  While you are there, you can also:

October 18 or 19, 2022 Volunteer Managers Hybrid Conference

Impact Evaluation: Data that Matters &
Creating the Right Story 
This event is produced and sponsored in conjunction with Better Impact. 
Everyone is being expected to take advantage of data, no matter what their size, mission, or budget. Decision makers want organizations to use data to show their value beyond what the financials show. But it’s more than that.  It’s also knowing what data is important and telling the story behind the data that really matters.
With limited resources, how do agencies partnering with volunteers choose an approach that combines the right mix of data and tools to provide insight relevant to your organization? And where is it going to come from?  
This year's Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference will focus on equipping leaders of volunteers with skills to determine what data is useful and how to tell impactful stories using different tools and technologies.

Broadcast October 18 or 19,  host sites will be able to live stream our conference presenters to a live or remote audience, facilitated again this year by Faiza Venzant, CVA. 
Registration will open May 25,  2022.
Fee: $550 for Members for either association | $600 for Non-Members
*There is $100 Early bird discount if registered by July 15

If you'd like to be on the mailing list to receive updates, sign up here.

Speakers and topics for the 2022 Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference:

Veronica Deally - Why Volunteers Deserve Their Own Annual Report
Adam Shilling - What's In It For Them?" Persuading Leaders and Decisions Makers
Maura Fitzpatrick - Positioning Yourself as the Expert and Communicating with Impact and Confidence
Tony Goodrow – The Relative Impact Model for Measuring the ROI of Volunteer Engagement

Timeline for the 2022 Conference:
May 2022:  Registration opens for host sites and individuals
May-July:  Informational sessions
October 18 - Pacific & Mountain Broadcast
October19 - Central & Eastern Broadcast

AL!VE Academy Discussion on LinkedIn

Do you want to learn more from our Academy presenters?
As an added benefit this year, exclusively for our AL!VE members, we will now be hosting a “Continuing the Conversation'' discussion with our speakers for 48 hours after their presentation. 
This will be available only on our AL!VE Linked in Group page which you may join here: AL!VE LinkedIn Group Page.  We encourage you to ask the speakers follow up questions and engage in discussions with your peers.
Our group page is different and in addition to our association site page which is here: Association of Leaders In Volunteer Engagement.  Join both!

Upcoming AL!VE Academy Webinars

Cathy Thoma, CVA VP of Programs & Advocacy

Join us for our next AL!VE Academy!
These monthly professional development webinars are available FREE to all AL!VE members, including Local Association memberships. 

Using Standards to Make Your Case: Introducing AL!VE's Standards for Organizational Volunteer Engagement
June 24 @ 1 pm E, 60 minutes
AL!VE's updated Standards reflect effective practice for engaging and leading volunteers within organizational settings. These Standards were developed, revised, and updated by volunteer engagement professionals for volunteer engagement professionals. They have been shown to deliver value to both the organization and individual volunteers. Special care has been taken to make these Standards relevant, adaptable, and scalable within organizations of every size, shape, and industry and for Volunteer Engagement Professionals at every level.
 Outcomes you can expect from this presentation:
-Take a first look at the updated Standards and how to assess and develop your volunteer engagement program.
-Learn how to use the provided Self-Evaluation Tool to determine areas of strength and growth.
-Exchange ideas about how to use these Standards and the Self-Evaluation Tool to make the case for implementation and investment in your volunteer engagement program.
Visit the registration page for more details and to reserve your spot today!

As always, our academies are FREE to all AL!VE members, including Local Association memberships.

Introducing AL!VE's Standards for Organizational Volunteer Engagement

The AL!VE Standards for Organizational Volunteer Engagement were revised and updated by volunteer engagement professionals (VEP) for volunteer engagement professionals. Based on extensive research and experience, these Standards have been shown to deliver value to both the organization and individual volunteers.
This new version and the accompanying Self-Evaluation Tool were developed to be adaptable, relevant, and scalable within organizations of every size, structure, and industry. The Standards incorporate current trends in volunteer engagement such as inclusion and diversity, transformational volunteerism, and context-based volunteer management models.
The Standards can be useful to VEPs at every level of experience. Those who are new to the field can use these them as a guide for developing their organization's volunteer engagement programs. Those who are experienced VEPs and whose organizations have more established volunteer programs can use these them as a way to assess the effectiveness of their organization's volunteer engagement. In all cases, these Standards can be used to make the case for increased investment in and integration of volunteer engagement.
The AL!VE Standards are a living document, so the Standards Task Force will be soliciting feedback over the next year on their usability and effectiveness so we can continuously update and improve them. We'll be developing training and support opportunities for interested users. Get the inside scoop by joining us for an introduction to these Standards at the next AL!VE Academy: Using Standards to Make Your Case: Introducing AL!VE's Standards for Organizational Volunteer Engagement, on June 24th. 
So, please share your feedback on the AL!VE Standards and register for the next AL!VE Academy. We can't wait to get your feedback! 

My AL!VE! Academy LinkedIn Experience

Nicole R. Smith

As a member of ALIVE for a little over two years, I personally believe one of the association’s greatest strengths is not only their willingness to listen to feedback, but to act on it. One wonderful example of this is with the Al!VE Academies. For those who may be new, the AL!VE Academy is a webinar series curated specifically for AL!VE members that feature top speakers in the industry to share their expertise. Personally, it is one of the most terrific perks I have benefited from by becoming an AL!VE member. From diversity and cultural humility, to planning events and volunteer appreciation on a budget, the Academies cover a wide variety of topics that make our jobs so much easier. The Academies were so good that many, including myself, were left wanting to connect with the speakers for more time to interact; especially if the speaker ran out of time and not all attendee questions were answered.
So, AL!VE sprung into action. They enhanced an already fabulous program by created several different ways to interact with our speakers allowing for a robust webinar experience. The enhanced structure provides more access to the wonderful content provided. 

Read how here!

Communities of Practice - Upcoming COPs

Join a Community of Practice!
Upcoming COP Dates:
5/26, 4pm E, Museums
6/7, 3pm E, Food Banks
6/8, 3pm E, Advisory Boards & Committees
6/21, 2pm E, Rural Communities
6/22, 2 pm E, Local Associations of Volunteer Engagement Professionals (Dovias, etc)
6/27, 2:30pm E, National Networks
6/29, 1pm E, Animal Welfare

Learn more about Communities of Practice here and sign up via the AL!VE calendar here.

BIG thank you to the COP Facilitators who work hard to manage the logistics,  resources, and content for each COP and make sure each conversation is meaningful and helpful for participants. Thank you for your service!

Upcoming Conferences

The 2022 Texas Volunteer Management Conference is braving a new world of volunteerism. This year’s conference will be 100% virtual and open to leaders of volunteers who work for nonprofit organizations or publicly funded agencies throughout the U.S. and around the world.   AL!VE members are presenters and AL!VE is also a sponsor.  Learn more and register here.

​​Join volunteer engagement leaders from across the globe for three full days of learning and networking at the Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement (MAVA)’s Volunteer Engagement Leadership Conference. Experience 2 keynote speakers, 28 concurrent sessions and an "Unconference" for staff, AmeriCorps members and volunteers at all levels of volunteer engagement experience to choose from. All presentations are LIVE with opportunities to interact with presenters and other conference participants!  AL!VE members are presenters.  Learn more here.

Our Association Manager Gretchen Jordan, CVA is member of the 2022 @beapointoflight Conference Host Committee, and is excited to share that registration for the #PointsofLight22 Conference is open! Join us for this can’t-miss hybrid event from July 13-15 in person at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and online for a virtual audience to get inspired and help your organization move its mission forward. Enjoy a lineup of global leaders and special guests including artists, influencers, entertainers and moving performances. Register today! 
Scholarships are available as well. Submit your applications here!

Local Association events will now be known and marketed as a Community of Practice!

June 22, 2 pm E:  Local Associations COP Meeting Q2:
Board Recruitment & Development:  Keeping it Real In Challenging Times

Register here

This meeting will be a panel presentation and discussion for anyone involved in leadership with Local Association of Volunteer Engagement Professionals (DOVIA's, AVA's, etc).  Hear and share your real world successes, challenges and ideas.
Facilitator:  TBA
Panelists:  Delaware Association of Volunteer Administrators & more TBA

  • Free webinars

    • AL!VE Local Association Members enjoy the free monthly AL!VE Academy webinars - when registering, please enter your association's name or acronym so you won't be billed.  See the calendar for dates.

"Calling in vs. Calling Out: Diversifying Your Board" - Recording Now Available!


Partner Spotlight: CCVA

Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA)

Last year, CCVA piloted a speakers series to bring CVAs together.  We are grateful to Amber McMillan, Ang Cuy and Megan Vixie who shared  their expertise with CVAs and helped us test drive this idea.

With the intention of learning, networking and building our community, we are happy to bring you this year's speakers series, LEAP - Leadership-Excellence-Advocacy-Peers.  We'll be led by CVAs across the globe.  Thank you to Brian Rosenbaum, Amira Barger, Dana Litwin, Jason Frenzel, Jennifer Bennett and Tracy O'Neill for being part of this year's series.  
These sessions will be free to CVAs ONLY and you would have been sent a link to sign up.  Please do not share these links with anyone else.  Non CVAs are invited to purchase their own tickets at www.cvacert.orgCheck the AL!VE calendar for dates & info

National Alliance Holds Online Meeting

Register now to hear the latest on Strategic Volunteer Engagement (SVE) and share your thoughts with colleagues and members of The National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement!
During this online, roundtable forum, June 7 @ 2 PM Eastern, we’ll:
Participate in a collaborative discussion around


New Member Benefit: Portfolio Manager

For AL!VE Members with a full membership,
you now have access to a great NEW member benefit:

The Portfolio Manager!


Learn More About it Here!

2022 International Volunteer Managers Day Theme Announced

“Many Backgrounds – One Profession – Stronger Together”

This theme conveys a strength the volunteer leadership sector possesses that we don’t draw on enough… the huge and diverse range of backgrounds that volunteering leaders come from.

On one hand – we come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. We are also made up of people from all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds.

We believe that this diversity of backgrounds should allow us to think differently, we can find solutions together when we come at issues from different perspectives. As we all have different skill sets we should be able to collectively collaborate and use more these more productively.

There are graphics and information on the website to share!  

To learn more, click here
Newsletter - AL!VE Newsletter: May 2022