New to the Field?


If you are new to the field of volunteer engagement, we are glad you are here.  AL!VE has many resources to help you get started.  Becoming an AL!VE Member will provide a lot of resources, networking, trainings, and more!

Resources for those new to the field:

 AL!VE Professional Standards, useful to VEPs (Volunteer Engagement Professionals) at every level of experience. Those who are new to the field can use these them as a guide for developing their organization's volunteer engagement programs. Those who are experienced VEPs and whose organizations have more established volunteer programs can use these them as a way to assess the effectiveness of their organization's volunteer engagement. In all cases, these Standards can be used to make the case for increased investment in and integration of volunteer engagement.

Additional resources:

What Resources Would You Add?

We welcome your input! 

  • As a new volunteer engagement professional, what are you looking for?
  • If you are an experienced volunteer engagement professional, let us know your thoughts.

Send your requests or ideas to us that we may add to this page.