Upcoming Events For April 2024:

May AL!VE Academy: Exploring the Career Pathways of Volunteer Adminstrators  Friday, May 3 @ 2 PM Eastern.  Learn more and register here. 

Happy Volunteer Recognition Month! Learn more about our

'Fast Five' recognition tips here.

Headed to the ASC National Service Training? 

Look for AL!VE members and watch for an invite to a SCHMOOZE!

Service Enterprise Administrator Kayla Paulson blogs about Global Volunteer Month.  Read more here.

Nine Communities of Practice (COP's) meet this month!

Check our calendar

for more information.

AL!VE is the national professional association for leaders in volunteer engagement to provide networking, professional development, mentoring and advocacy for our peers.

We are:

  • Professionals in volunteer management and engagement
  • Advocates for the recognition and appreciation of volunteer management
  • The resource for and the link to tools, research, and best practices
  • Educators of decision makers in all volunteer management arenas
  • Influencers for redefining job descriptions, compensation, and the position of volunteer manager in our organizations
  • Diverse, inclusive and member driven

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