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2018 International Volunteer Managers Day Theme Announced

Published: 06/13/18

November 5 of this year, we celebrate IVMDay 2018 - the organizers are thrilled to launch this year's theme - TIME FOR CHANGE. We...

Effective Altruism launches Summer Volunteer Management Webinar Series featuring Erin Barnhart, Ph.D, Jayne Cravens and Liza Dyer, CVA

Published: 06/04/18

Are you seeking affordable summer opportunities to learn online? Join three experts in volunteer management - Erin Barnhart, Ph.D.;...

Registration now open for 'Leading the Way, Not Managing the Day' - 4th annual Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference Presented by AL!VE, Better Impact and VMPC

Published: 05/15/18

This unique event will broadcast live from Hamilton Ontario Canada on two separate days, October 23 and 24 as the broadcast will present...

Ground Breaking Study Seeks to Promote Job Equity for Volunteer Engagement Professionals

Published: 03/12/18

Volunteer Engagement Professionals (VEPs) are commonly underpaid and undervalued and their work is often misunderstood. VEPs turn to...