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Ground Breaking Study Seeks to Promote Job Equity for Volunteer Engagement Professionals

Ground-breaking Study Seeks to Promote Job Equity for Volunteer Engagement Professionals

Major Breakthrough in Achieving Maximum Mission Capacity for Nonprofits and Government Entities

[St. Paul, Minnesota, March 2, 2018]
Volunteer Engagement Professionals (VEPs) are commonly underpaid and undervalued and their work is often misunderstood. VEPs turn to organizations like the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) for support, education and connection. To better understand the issues facing VEPs, MAVA embarked upon an important research study in June 2017. The purpose of the research project was to validate the experience many volunteer engagment professionals described and to examine root causes. The study underscores that there truly are equity issues in how volunteer engagement professionals are received, paid, included and understood in the workplace. The research examines why there is a lack of true understanding about the essential nature of volunteers and those who lead them. The study concludes that the lack of equity for volunteer engagement professionals undermines the effectiveness of nonprofits and government entities.  The report is rich with descriptions of affirmative steps that can be taken to address the issues.
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