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MAVA Announces New Conference In Person Dates November 3-5


MAVA Volunteer Engagement Leadership Conferences 2020. (Virtual June 3-5 / In-person November 11-13, 2020). Connecting People: Inspiring Action. Virtual Conference. June 3 - 5, 2020
9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

In-person conference is planned for November 11-13, 2020. 
Register now and get both conferences for the price of the in-person conference! Register here.
Sign up now for a world class three day virtual conference for volunteer engagement leadership. Participants in this unique conference will obtain new tools, resources and inspiration to tackle current volunteer engagement challenges and will be equipped to effect change by the exchange of innovative best practices and ideas that foster effective professional development and networking for leaders who engage volunteers. Trainers include internationally known experts including Liz Uram, Paul Langenfeld, Jermaine Davis, Samantha Swain ,Katie Mahoney, Anne Owens,  Rob Jackson, Ken Culp, Beth Steinhorn, Barry Altland,  Paul Durand and many more. Learn more about the trainers here.
Check out the workshop line up (click here for more details on each session):
  • Communicate Like A Boss without Being Bossy.
  • 10 Secrets of Being Media Savvy.
  • Leading with an inclusive lens: Achieving Organizational Syngery with Diversity and Inclusion
  • Inspiring Your Event Volunteers - Going Virtual
  • Supporting Volunteers with Mental Illness (Including the Ones You Already Have But Don't Know About!)
  • Volunteer Engagement during a Pandemic-COVID Response
  • Who are the people in your neighborhood?
  • Preserving Positive Workplace Communication and Negotiation
  • How to develop as a Volunteer Manager
  • Sharing your Impact with the Stories You Tell
  • Lead the Change: Building Racial Equity in Volunteerism
  • It’s a Win-Win! Utilizing Volunteers in Meaningful Work
  • Citywide Volunteer Engagement: a Path to Stronger Communities
  • Ladder or Lattice? Investing in Your Professional Growth in the 21st Century
  • Creating and Implementing Virtual Volunteer Trainings that Work!
  • Working Together We Can Get a Lot Accomplished for Our Community!
  • The Fine Line between Volunteers and Donors and How to Cross It
  • Cutting Edge Strategies for the "New Normal"